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Lotto 6/49 Millionaire Interacts with a Robot during Prize Collection

Lottery winners should be protected with cutting-edge technology while they are collecting their prize. Loto-Québec introduced its human-sized robot congratulating winners and handing them their checks worth millions. The first lottery winner to collaborate with the new lottery official was Guylaine Desjardins who bagged a Lotto 6/49 jackpot of CA$4.47 million.

For quite a while, lottery prize collection had become a more complicated process due to the unprecedented situation. Individuals eligible for larger cash prizes had to wait until they receive the green light for their prize collection, as to protect both them and the Crown corporation employees taking care of the celebration ceremonies at the lottery prize center. Loto-Québec decided to pioneer another approach and set the tone.

The Future is Now

Lottery winners now have the opportunity to get a taste of what the future holds when robots will be capable of achieving more and the interaction with them will be a normal everyday thing. This is expected to protect both the winners and the people responsible for prize collection. The latest lottery winner of Quebec and the first one to experience the technology was a Lotto 6/49 fan.

July 1 was the special date on which Ms. Desjardins became eligible for the cash prize of CA$4.47 million. The lottery millionaire found out the good news later than the actual lottery draw because she is used to check her tickets once every two weeks. This is how she learned she’s a millionaire a couple of draws later than expected. Then she contacted the Crown corporation in order to arrange the collection.

She was presented the great jackpot by a robot designed by a student club at the Montreal-based Ecole de Technologie Superieure. The machine was created in collaboration with Centech in order to achieve excellence and introduce a different kind of experience to the lottery winners. It also aligns with the Crown corporation’s efforts to protect everyone loving lottery in Quebec.

Lotto 6/49

The prize collection ceremony was broadcasted for everyone interested to see and people got the chance to see the advanced friendly robot in action. Along with the broadcast, many photos were taken with the winner and all of them were with the mandatory physical distancing. The lottery cheque was last touched 72 hours prior to the special ceremony, in order to protect the winner.

In the meantime, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made it clear that a lottery winner hailing from the region is now eligible for the latest Lotto 6/49 jackpot. A ticket purchased in the Ottawa region managed to become eligible for a cash payout of $8,539,083.70. The resident has a total of 52 weeks to claim their jackpot and become Canada’s latest lotto millionaire enjoying their windfall.

There is a second winner also eligible for the same amount, as both tickets matched the numbers drawn. The second winner hails from Quebec. Both are expected to claim Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Loto-Québec respectively over the upcoming twelve months.