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Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Once Again Untouched

Lotto MAX is once again the topic of discussion, as the latest draw this popular lottery game offered came and went without a winner. It brought a Main prize amounting to some CA$10 million but there was not a single ticket matching the numbers drawn. August 7 saw the latest Lotto MAX regular draw.

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are the two most popular draw-based lottery offerings out there, as they are always ready to bring a substantial Main prize and additional prizes with every draw. Both of them have not had a winner in a while and their jackpots are progressively swelling with each passing day. August 7 saw the most recent Lotto MAX draw introducing CA$10 million.

No Winner

All eyes were set on the Main prize coming with the Friday Lotto MAX draw, as well as on the numbers associated with it. Those were 09, 21, 26, 28, 30, 37, 44, as well as the bonus one 31. In order to bag the Main prize, a ticket had to match the main seven numbers drawn. Not a single ticket managed to come close to the CA$10 million prize.

It will remain untouched at least until the upcoming Lotto MAX draw. In addition to the Main prize, this draw of the Lotto MAX game came also with an Encore draw. It brings CA$1-million prizes closer to the lottery enthusiasts seeking more chances of winning big. Not a single ticket became eligible for the larger cash prize, but there was one ticket that won CA$100,000.

The next Lotto MAX draw is scheduled to take place on August 11 just like every week and this time the Main prize coming with it is going to amount to some CA$15 million. Players are already making their lottery ticket purchases ahead of the draw, in order to reserve their spot among the potential winners.

Upcoming Draws

In the meantime, Lotto 6/49 is also among the popular lottery offerings at the moment, following a similar pace of development as the Lotto MAX one. August 8 saw the latest draw of this offering and it brought a Main prize of CA$11,170,115.20 with it. This jackpot was sure to increase the lottery ticket purchases over the days leading up to the draw. As it turned out, there was not a single ticket matching the numbers drawn.

Those were 01, 20, 21, 23, 40, 26, as well as the bonus one 28. In order to bag the prize, players had to match the six drawn numbers but they were unable to do so. This draw also introduced a guaranteed prize of CA$1 million. One ticket sold in Ontario managed to match the numbers needed and is now eligible for the additional prize.

The player in possession of the ticket has 12 months to bag the prize. August 12 is scheduled to see the next Lotto 6/49 draw and all eyes are set on it. It will come with a Main prize of CA$14 million.