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Quebec Lotto Fans Enjoy Lottery Tickets Terminals Relaunch

Loto-Québec is ready to bring back in-person sale of lottery tickets that has been highly requested across the province. This is expected to happen on May 4 as lottery terminals switch-on is a process that would need some technical time. Lottery enthusiasts across the province would now have the chance to purchase their tickets in person at their preferred retail locations instead of online.

The Crown corporation made it clear that people would have the chance to purchase their lottery tickets in-person very soon and Quebec residents are eager to see this practice return. Many individuals consider it a more convenient one, as they have experienced longer waiting periods online. May 4 is about to witness retail locations across Quebec reintroduce lottery tickets for sale.

Loto-Québec Switches On Some Terminals

Lottery terminals are among the more convenient ways of lottery purchasing. Players have the opportunity to purchase their lottery tickets with the help of the advanced terminal and many of them have preferred this approach. This Monday is expected to see some changes at particular points of sale. Loto-Québec made it clear that retailers with an outdoor entrance would be eligible for the lottery terminals relaunch.

This would make it safer for the individuals approaching them in the long run. As for the retail locations that do not have this type of entrance, the lottery leader would not switch on its terminals. This includes lottery kiosks that do not feature direct outside access to them. The good news was announced online via the Crown corporation’s official Twitter account. Social distancing would still be considered a recommended practice.

Right now, the process of lottery terminals relaunch is in progress and all retailers eligible for it would be contacted by Loto-Québec in the foreseeable future. The switching on would be an optimized process that would allow players to receive their draw-based lottery tickets in-person. It could be recalled that the last days of March witnessed lottery kiosks closure across the province.

Casinos Remain Closed

Back then, Loto-Québec announced its official decision to put an end of the in-person lottery tickets sale within the province of Quebec. Players have the chance to make ticket purchases online via the premium platform in operation. At the moment the only way a person could purchase a draw-based or a scratch lottery ticket is via The increased traffic online led to a slowing down of response time, as many individuals sought customer support.

Patrice Lavoie of Loto-Quebec, recently made it clear that the situation has seen an improvement over the past weeks and individuals already see quicker reactions. All emails accumulated have been responded to and support has been given to the people attempting to navigate the site. Projections are that many of the provincial lottery enthusiasts would prefer in-person lottery ticket purchases from here on out.

Loto-Québec was the first lottery corporation in Canada to make a move and close its four casinos and two gambling halls. It was confirmed that the brick-and-mortar casino venue and halls would remain closed until further notice, as the preparation for their reopening would take longer. The safety measures that would be implemented would have to take into account social distancing.