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Loto-Québec Brings Grande Vie Draws with Bonus CA$25,000 Payouts

Loto-Québec strives to make its online presence even more riveting with the help of various online-based games with regular draws. Grande Vie is one of the offerings that have always draw many eyeballs, as it is able to guarantee the winner CA$1,000 per day for the rest of their life. This month is about to see several long-anticipated draws of this game.

Quebec players have been advised to practice social distancing at the moment and this means that brick-and-mortar casino locations are about to remain closed indefinitely. The decision has been issued by the provincial health officer in order to protect their health. Lottery tickets sales have also been suspended at retailers, as well as at lottery kiosks.

Payouts Continue

Online remains the only way individuals could lay their hands on lottery tickets, as well as casino gaming, and sports wagering. The online platform of Loto-Québec has witnessed increased traffic over the past few weeks, as more people get to know it and make their registration there. Grande Vie is expected to become even more popular over the upcoming weeks, as this month is a special one. The draws are about to take place very soon.

April 2 saw the first draw for this month, bringing joy to many individuals that have purchased a lottery ticket for this particular lottery offering. The numbers drawn during it were 20, 21, 29, 33, and 35, and there were players celebrating cash prizes coming their way. Six individuals became eligible for a cash payout amounting to CA$1,000 for matching four of the numbers, as well as the Grand Numero 1.

As many as 15 individuals that had purchased the generous Grand Vie ticket online or in person before the retail location closed halted their lottery sale also had a reason to celebrate. Each of them became eligible for a cash payout reaching CA$500. In total, this draw brought cash prizes to as many as 43,215 individuals.

Online Gaming Encouraged

April 6 is scheduled to see the next special draw of this popular lottery offering, once again bringing the big prizes closer to the people. The special thing about the draws on April 6 and April 9 is that they would bring five bonus prizes of CA$25,000 a year for the rest of the winner’s life.

Expectations are that they would attract more individuals willing to change their life for the better and make sure that their future is brighter. The bonus draws in question will each be composed of five numbers between 1 and 49. Each ticket amounting to CA$3 gives players the change to win big and have no worries for the rest of their lives, especially over the next week.

All they have to do is match the five Main Numbers to one of the Winning Bonus Selections. There are two draws per week, one on Monday and another one on Thursday, giving players enough time to go on the online platform powered by the Crown corporation and make their winning purchase easy and from the comfort of their home. The odds of winning a prize amount to 1 in 6.8.