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Loto-Québec Closes Lottery Ticket Kiosks amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Loto-Québec announced its official decision to put an end of the in-person lottery tickets sale within the province of Quebec. Players would no longer have the chance to purchase tickets in person, as the lottery corporation is seeking to implement ways in which it could slow down the outbreak of COVID-19 in the region. They will have the chance to do so online via the premium platform in operation.

The province of Quebec is implementing new measures when it comes to its everyday life, bringing many new restrictions that are projected to make it easier for the health system. As of March 22, the province has reported a total of 219 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. The last increase amounted to 38 new cases of COVID-19. This calls for more restrictions introduced.

In-Person Lottery Ticket Sale

The government made it clear that the shopping malls sprinkled across the province would have to close for business until at least May 1. Once that date comes, a reevaluation would take place and subsequent actions would be discussed. The same goes for the schools in Quebec, students would continue their education in an online form via the reliable platform their teachers have been using.

Restaurants are also going to continue their operation via take-outs, in order to sustain their operation. In the meantime, individuals might have some of their daily activities restricted, but they want to still feel the thrill of lottery gaming. Retail locations across Quebec have reported that seniors make their way out and put their health at risk for the purchase of a lottery ticket.

André Villeneuve manages a Familiprix location in the Montcalm district of the province. He pointed out that the senior residents of the area are still making their way to the retail location selling them lottery tickets for the various games, as this is also an entertaining pastime activity in the time of social distancing. The recent decision affects both draw-based lottery games offered by Loto-Québec and the traditional scratchers that offer instant lottery gratification.

Online Ticket Purchase

In an attempt to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Crown corporation announced it is about to cease the sale of the tickets while it also encourages the use of its online platform for lottery ticket purchases. The shutdown would cover the retail locations offering lottery tickets, as well as the sales terminals operating autonomously.

The official announcement was made on Friday by Patrice Lavoie, spokesperson of the Crown corporation. It was confirmed that the locations in question are about to cease the offering of the said tickets as soon as possible, as this is a process that takes some time. It should be taken into account that the tickets that have been purchased ahead of March 10 are still valid for their respective draws and players would be eligible for the cash prizes coming with these valuable pieces of paper.

While the gambling industry of Canada is working on the ways in which it could weather the uncertain situation, Loto-Québec is working in close collaboration with the remaining lottery corporations overseeing the provinces. This would guarantee everybody is on the same page when it comes to protecting their players.