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Loto-Québec Implements Salary Freeze for the Fiscal Year

Loto-Québec is ready to summarize everything it had done for the community in this unprecedented situation and remind Quebec residents of the achievements up until this point. It was also recently confirmed that the Crown corporation froze the salaries of its senior officers and directors. The decision is about to cover the financial 2020-2021 year and be an act of solidarity with the people struggling.

The unprecedented situation around the globe, as well as in Canada called for special measures to be taken. In Quebec, all brick-and-mortar casino venues and gambling halls closed for business, as the Crown corporation respected the recommendations made by the health professionals. Local gaming enthusiasts were encouraged to focus on online gambling instead, as it brings even more diverse gaming products.

Bonuses Paid Out Later

Loto-Québec wants to further solidify its support efforts, which is why it recently announced its decision to freeze the salaries of senior officers associated with it. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation wanted to see the Crown corporation follow the example of other corporations to the likes of Hydro-Québec and the Société des alcools du Québec.

Earlier this month they made it clear they are about to implement some measures related to the regular payments. This included the freezing of salaries. Back then, Loto-Québec clarified that its financial year came to an end on March 31 which prevented the Crown corporation from following the example of other corporations within Quebec.

Now it is time for action, as the gaming leader made it clear that senior officials are about to have their salaries frozen for the fiscal 2020/2021. Directors would also be affected by this decision. In addition to the salaries, bonuses would also be deferred. The compensation depends on the performance of employees associated with a labor union, as well as for those that are not. The bonuses in question relate to the performance over the fiscal 2019/2020.

Crown Corporation Supports Community

They are about to be paid in the second quarter of the fiscal 2020/2021 that would cover the summer months of this year. Loto-Québec further clarified that there are many ways in which the Crown corporation has supported the local community up until this point. Moisson du Quebec received some CA$1 million as a donation that made it possible for the organization to continue its premium work down the road.

Moreover, the Minister of Health and Social Services received some 30,000 masks and disinfectants from the Crown corporation. The latest announcement coming from the gaming leader was the collaboration with La Tablée des Chefs. Casino Montreal has already offered its kitchen areas for the charitable initiative eyeing the people in need. More than 35,000 meals per week are about to be cooked by Les Cuisines Solidaires project.

The Crown corporation was the first to make a move and close brick-and-mortar casino venues across Quebec, as the unprecedented situation calls for social distancing. Along with that, lottery tickets are no longer available for sale, as this was also an attractive offering for many gaming enthusiasts. They are encouraged to explore the premium gaming products available at