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Lotto 6/49 Main Prize Snatched, Lotto MAX Swells

Lotto 6/49 made the news once again with its hefty jackpot grabbed by one of the tickets sold ahead of the recent draw. August 22 was a special date as it saw one ticket become eligible for a cash payout of CA$6 million coming with the lottery game. The ticket was sold in Ontario.

The past few weeks have been more than generous when it comes to lottery jackpots. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed that Canada’s brand new lottery millionaire hails from the province of Ontario. Whoever is in possession of the winning ticket associated with the most recent Lotto 6/49 draw has a total of 52 weeks to make up their mind and contact the Crown corporation in order to claim their prize.

Lotto 6/49

August 22 was a special day for the people interested in lottery gaming, as they witnessed the latest Lotto 6/49 draw bringing a jackpot of CA$6 million. All eyes were set on the prize even though it is one of the relatively low ones Lotto 6/49 could offer. The numbers drawn during this recent draw were 19, 25, 34, 36, 40, 43, as well as the bonus one 32.

The winner of the Main prize had to match all six of the main numbers in order to become eligible for the Main prize coming with this weekly draw. Soon after the draw came to its end, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed that the ticket eligible for the Main prize was sold somewhere within the province. For the time being its particular point of sale has not been unveiled.

This could happen in the upcoming days if there is no individual contacting the Crown corporation for more details on how to bag their prize. All players that have purchased a ticket for the August 22 Lotto 6/49 are advised to check their pockets and bags for any misplaced tickets that could stop them from becoming richer.

Lotto MAX

While the Main prize was snatched, the guaranteed prize draw also made a ticketholder richer than they were before. British Columbia Lottery Corporation confirmed that a ticket sold in the province became eligible for the CA$1 million guaranteed prize coming with the Lotto 6/49. That individual also has a total of 12 months to claim their prize and change their life.

August 26 is expected to bring the next Lotto 6/49 draw coming with a Main prize of CA$5 million. Projections are that many individuals will end up purchasing a ticket ahead of it. While this lottery offering has been successful for some individuals, the Lotto MAX one saw its Main prize swell. August 21 saw the most recent draw of the Lotto MAX offering.

It brought a Main prize reaching CA$31.4 million which managed to survive. The high levels of engagement with this lottery offering are evident by the pace of increase of the Main prize, as August 25 is about to bring a jackpot of CA$40 million. Lotto MAX tickets are being sold like hot cakes across the country.