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OLG LottoMax CA$60-Million Main Prize Remains Untouched, Maxmillions Prizes Bagged in Four Communities

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is well-known across the country as one of the leading providers of lottery games and a preferred source of entertainment and gaming offerings for thousands of Canadians. The past few days saw four areas of the province win big thanks to he Maxmillions tickets that bring some CA$1 million to lucky winners from across Ontario.

Lottery enthusiasts from all communities of Ontario were eagerly anticipating the most recent draw of the OLG and the LottoMax one in particular, as it has the potential to make several of them richer and overnight millionaires. This time the lucky players who had purchased a ticket of the Maxmillions type were four sprinkled across four communities – Sudbury, Brampton, St. Catharines, and Woodbridge.

Lucky Winners Brace for Millions

Information about the winners is kept in confidence for the time being and there have not been any individuals coming forward to claim their prize, but this is expected to happen in the foreseeable future. Players have a certain amount of time printed on every ticket, in which they have the right to bag their cash prize at the retail locations or at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto if it happens to be one of the larger prizes.

For the time being the only information available is related to the lucky numbers picked at the LottoMax regular draw. The first lucky combination of numbers was to the liking of 01-12-30-36-37-41-45 and the purchaser of this ticket definitely have had quite a special Friday night. Another millionaire has purchased a ticket bearing the 01-14-15-20-39-40-41 number combination.

The third lucky player who opted for the generous cash prize provided by the Maxmillions tickets is in possession of a ticket with 02-06-30-35-37-38-39 printed on it. He or she could check whether or not their ticket is the winning one via the convenient OLG Lottery App available for both Android and iOS or via the OLG website. Information about the city from which a ticket has been purchased is available thanks to the records of the lottery, able to pinpoint it.

More Cash Prizes on the Way

Apart from the CA$1-million prizes, the Maxmillions game also provides smaller cash payouts shared between the players that have picked similar 7-number combinations. One such split prize was shared between two players, one of them having purchased the ticket in Barrie. In addition to that, the region of Ottawa saw a winning ticket as well, this time resulting in a windfall of CA$333,000 for the fortunate lottery player.

There is also a special Encore draw also part of the most recent LottoMax draw which also has the potential to make one lucky participant a millionaire. However, this time the largest cash prize reached CA$100,000 claimed by a player with the numbers 981151. He or she had purchased the lucky ticket in the Richmond Hill area just in time for the draw.

What should be pointed out, is that the Main Prize draw could not give away the grand prize of CA$60,000,000 to one lucky Canadian. The largest cash winning was claimed by three winning tickets, each of which bagged some CA$355,998.80 at the end of the draw. Everyone interested in bagging big will have the chance to do so next Friday when the next regular draw is set to take place. Until then all winners have the chance to claim their prize at the OLG Prize Center.