Responsible Gambling on Online Slots: Guidelines for Canadian Players

For today’s topic, we’d like to focus on a fundamental subject that everyone needs to know about – responsible gambling on online slots. We’ll be listing some of the guidelines for Canadian players that are going to be incredibly helpful and valuable when it comes to safe gambling. In order to have fun without taking any risks, it’s imperative that everyone follows these guidelines. You shouldn’t disregard this matter, as it can potentially save you from a lot of trouble in the future. These are some of the most crucial steps that you need to take if you wish to have a completely secure and healthy online gambling experience.

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Time Management is The Key Factor in Responsible Gambling

If we had to give you only one piece of advice on how to practice safe gambling, then it would definitely be time management. Managing your time when playing online slots is something you will simply have to do if you wish to have a healthy relationship with the games. This is sometimes easier said than done, and we totally understand that, but it’s pivotal that you don’t play for an extended period of time.

Some online casinos have time-limit features implemented as a part of their responsible gambling programs. We suggest that you use that type of feature if you can. On the other hand, if there are no similar tools for you to use, then we suggest that you limit your time on your own. This can be especially difficult for new players who are only getting in on the fun, but the thing is, for them, this is even more important. So, make sure that you never spend too much time playing slots, or otherwise you can easily get addicted and that is something you simply don’t want happening to yourself.

Budget Limitation

Apart from time limitations, Canadian players should also limit their budget before they start playing their favorite slots. This is also a very serious step that you’ll need to take if you’re looking to gamble safely long term. You might think that it’s easy and that you have your money under control, and that might be true, but it’s also possible that sometimes you might slip up and deposit more than you thought you were gonna, and that can lead to a spiraling downfall as you deposit more and more.

Just like with time limits, there are plenty of online casinos that also have deposit and wagering limit features that allow players to take full control of their actions if they happen to want that. We sincerely believe that you should use these features even if you don’t have a gambling problem. In general, it’s much better to prevent than to cure these kinds of things.

Taking Breaks While Playing Online Slots

This tip can go hand in hand with time management, as it is of great importance for every type of casino player. Whether you like to play table games like blackjack and roulette, or you’re an avid slot fan, you have to take regular breaks while playing. Even if your budget limit hasn’t been exceeded and even if you’re on a winning streak, we seriously believe that taking a time-out can be incredibly beneficial to you.

This can also help you from getting bored with specific slot titles. It’s a common thing amongst players that they get tired of a single game simply because they have been playing for too long. Taking breaks can greatly assist with this as well. Having a gambling problem easily starts when punters stop caring about whether or not they’ve been playing too much, and that’s something you should avoid.

Playing to Have Fun

A common problem that slot players usually make when they are spending time in an online casino is that they focus too much on whether or not they are going to have a positive streak. Of course, one of the main goals of playing one-armed bandits is to win, but that doesn’t change the fact that you should chase that goal while having fun.

If you notice that you have been playing online games without actually feeling entertained, but rather stressed and anxious, then you might have a gambling problem. As soon as the fun stops, there is absolutely no need for you to be playing, as that will later on turn into classic gambling addiction. That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend that you always start playing with a good mindset and without the absolute need to win in online slots. You’ll generally have a lot better time this way, as winning will be treated as a cherry on top.

Choosing Regulated Online Casinos for Canadian Players

A huge role for responsible gambling also has online casinos and their operators. We always advocate and recommend that you play on regulated and secure gambling platforms, so you can further protect yourself from any harm. Playing in regulated casinos has multiple advantages when it comes to safe gambling.

First and foremost, casinos like these usually have all of the aforementioned features and tools that are specifically designed to make responsible gambling an easier endeavor. Apart from that, playing in a regulated environment will usually result in a much more secure experience, as most casinos need to have advanced security systems and protocols if they wish to get a license. Even though responsible gambling is mostly about making sure that you don’t develop a gambling problem, it is also about protecting your own data and personal information. It can be equally bad to get your identity stolen by playing on an unregulated site with no protection.

Avoid Using Credit Cards

Using credit cards or borrowing money in order to play online slots is something we seriously don’t recommend that you do. Plenty of online casinos give the opportunity to players to use credit cards as a payment method, but you shouldn’t do that. Make sure that you always use your disposable income for online slots and gambling in general.

Putting yourself into debt over gambling can possibly create a dark circle, where you will end up borrowing more money in order to pay back already borrowed money. As you can imagine, this can end up very badly. There have been many instances where people ruined their credit scores and livelihood because of this. It’s easy to use a credit card and put yourself in a deficit, but that will ultimately cause only more issues in the future, so don’t do it.

Don’t Play Online Slots Under Influence

This goes without saying, but you should always avoid playing any sort of online casino games while you are under the influence of alcohol. Sure, traditional land-based casinos revolve around having a good time and gambling with a drink, but that is totally different when it comes to online gambling, as your focus in that scenario is solely on the game itself.

You should only play online slots while you are sober, as you won’t be so inclined to make mistakes. It’s very easy to make a wrong decision while under the influence, and that can be detrimental to your failure while playing. In the best-case scenario, you will miss a big opportunity while playing, and even that is a big enough reason to keep the bottle and slots separated.

Avoid Gambling When Not Feeling Good

People commonly consume all sorts of media when they are feeling down, and that’s a perfectly reasonable way to escape from reality for a bit and enjoy yourself with entertainment. While this may be true for movies, music, and social media, we don’t suggest that you do this with online slots and other casino games.

Many professionals would agree with this, as gambling can negatively affect you if you’re already feeling down, especially if you lose. You’re prone to making mistakes when you are mentally unwell, and that is the sole reason why you should not play games with luck during these times. You can end up damaging your mental well-being even more if you do so, and that simply isn’t worth it. Play your favorite online slot titles only when you’re feeling good without having any need for a coping mechanism.

Seek Professional Support

If at the end of the day, you feel like you might have a gambling problem or if you’re addicted, then you must urgently get professional help as soon as possible. You should also notify your friends and family so they can support and assist you with the problem.

Seeking professional help can be a difficult thing to do. Plenty of people can’t admit that they are having a problem or they are addicted, and that is the most difficult part of getting professional help. That’s why you need to reach out and admit the problem if you wish to get better. That is the only way you can actually help yourself in that situation, as professionals know exactly what to do and how to assist you.


In summary, these were the guidelines that will ensure your safety while gaming. If you managed to follow our tips, then you can rest assured that you are gambling responsibly. When you take everything into consideration, you will have a much better time in general without taking any risks whatsoever, and that is the whole point. Luckily, in recent years, more and more operators are recognizing this and we’re seeing an exponential increase in awareness and action from them.