Best Online Slot Strategies for Canadian Players: Tips from the Pros

If you’ve ever wondered if there are some online slot strategies for Canadian players that you can use while playing some of your favorite games, then this article is for you. We’re going to be discussing some tips from the pros when it comes to maximizing your winning potential when you are playing one-armed bandits. Of course, winning at online slots revolves around having a stroke of good luck, but that is not all. There are plenty of things that you can do in order to increase your chances of scoring some huge rewards, and that’s exactly what are we going to be focusing on today. Here are some of the strategies we think you should definitely employ during your online gambling.

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Play High RTP Online Slots for Canadian Players

One of the most logical and important things you should do when trying to get better at online slots is to play those titles that have the highest RTP possible. RTP, or Return To Player, is a theoretical percentage of the money that players are supposed to get back over time when playing slots.

This means that you should always aim to play those slots that have the highest theoretical return. While this might seem like an easy step to do, it’s important to note that not a lot of games have a huge RTP of 98% or more, and that can result in quick burn-out, as you can end up playing just a couple of games instead of exploring the endless amount of options. This is the tradeoff that many pro players have to come to terms with if they wish to have an advantage. Keep in mind that this doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be able to cash out some huge amounts of money just because you’ve chosen to play a high-RTP slot, but it certainly does help you in reaching that goal a little bit easier.

Choosing the Slot Volatility

Just like choosing an online slot with a high RTP is important, it’s also crucial that you determine which kind of volatility is going to suit you the most. Now, there is no objective answer to this. At the end of the day, you can get the same results regardless of which volatility you are playing.

The general consensus amongst the pros is that you should try to align your budget limitations with the type of slot you are going to be playing. For example, if you wish to play high-volatility slots, then you should make sure that you have a high-enough budget to do so. By playing high-volatility slots, you can expect to have long-losing streaks before acquiring a huge win, and that is something you should most definitely keep in mind. A common mistake beginners with a small budget tend to make is choosing to play a one-armed bandit that has a big volatility. This usually ends up in them being disappointed in the overall experience, and we suggest that you avoid doing that for yourself.

Setting Your Deposit and Wager Limits

If you truly wish to play online slots in Canada like a pro, then you will simply need to put your own deposit and wager limits. Inexperienced players might think that pro slot players don’t do this, but in fact, they do so more than anyone else. This is because with setting limits you can’t lose a significant amount of your balance in one go, and that is something that often happens amongst new slot fans.

In order to be able to become a pro, you will need to calculate every single game session you are playing, by writing down exactly how much you’ve lost or gained over time. Combining this with setting deposit and wagering limits will allow you to have full control over your game, and that is the most important thing to take from this. Becoming a professional slot player is only possible by using these strategies, so make sure you utilize them. Most online casinos have these types of features built into their platform, and we suggest that you use them so you don’t have to manually do everything.

The Most Important Strategy: Gambling Responsibly

This is an extension of our previous tip, as apart from setting deposit and wagering limits, you should also exercise other forms of responsible gambling. The only way you can actually better your game is by following all of the responsible gambling guidelines. All of those veteran players that have a lot of experience do so, as otherwise they would most definitely develop a gambling problem if they didn’t.

Having a healthy relationship with online gambling in Canada is a pivotal part of becoming a better player. You should always focus on playing on platforms that heavily advertise responsible gambling, and of course, that are regulated. Playing on an unregulatd online casino will only worsen the chances of you getting better. You can only encounter problems if you decide to play on those casinos like not being able to cash out, no responsible gambling features, the constant risk of being scammed, etc. If you’re really trying to get serious about becoming a better one-armed bandit player, then you must spend your time and money on regulated casinos where you’ll be certain that fairness and legitimacy are guaranteed for you.

Choosing The Online Slots and Reading Reviews

We are all well aware of the fact that there are countless online slot titles out there, and the ones you choose to play will directly impact the outcome of your game time. Pro slot players have certain games that they play, and it is most definitely not their first choice when it comes to entertainment.

That’s the thing with trying to be a great slot player. There are a lot of sacrifices you have to make in order to become better, and that means you will have to potentially avoid playing the titles you enjoy for their mechanics, design, and everything else in between. In the world of pro slot play, there are always a certain amount of games that are considered to be “worth playing”.

In order to keep up with these trends, we highly recommend that you always keep yourself updated with the latest news and reviews. Make sure that you always get your information from a credible source or directly from experienced professionals who know exactly what they are saying. Reading a bad review can negatively affect you just as choosing the wrong title can.

Taking Regular Breaks

One of the most important things that you need to do with every single one of your gaming sessions is to take regular breaks. All pros do this, and you should too. Taking breaks can significantly impact your mental health and help you get where you want to be. If you are experiencing a losing streak, then we highly recommend that you take a break.

Feeling stressed out while playing slots is a frequent occurrence amongst Canadian and players worldwide. When you are feeling stressed while playing, then you should definitely consider taking a time-out before playing again. This can reset your mood entirely and you will be a lot more positive. It’s never a good idea to keep on playing even if you are obviously not feeling up to it. Big wins come when you are feeling good and when your energy is high. Playing while feeling down can be a very bad practice which we certainly do not condone, as it can transform into a bigger and more serious gambling problem.

Spectate and Analyze Pro Players

Many slot fans who try to become more serious with their hobby usually don’t do this very easy, yet very effective step, which is to spectate and analyze how pro players play. Luckily we live in a day and age where live streaming is a common thing. People tend to stream everything from playing video games to doing art.

Plenty of professional online slot players also decide to stream their gameplay, which you should definitely consider checking out. By looking at their playstyle and analyzing what they are doing, you can easily implement those techniques while you are playing which can in turn boost your skills exponentially. When pros are streaming, they are usually open to questions that many players use to gain knowledge. If you happen to be interested in knowing something in regards to slot games in general or the specific title the streamer is playing, you shouldn’t hesitate in asking them. You can learn a lot from veteran players by simply looking at them while they are playing.


In summary, there are a lot of things you can do in order to improve your game. By following all of these tips we’ve provided you with, you’re bound to make some sort of progress. As we’ve already mentioned, you shouldn’t expect to become the part of top 1% of the players in the world, but you will most certainly see the positive changes very quickly. Some of these tips might actually change your gameplay dramatically, especially if you’ve never used deposit and wagering limits for example. That only means that you can benefit more if you end up doing so, and we highly recommend that.