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Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo’s Missing Ball Caught on Live TV Sparks Controversy, CA$372,229 Jackpot Winner Awaits Final Decision

Bingo might be among the most popular types of gaming in Canada, but it is not protected from hiccups and various mishaps as it has been recently confirmed on live TV. Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo which launched only recently its TV Bingo offering appeared to have lost one of the balls needed for the draw which took place last Saturday night

Live TV broadcast has the potential to bring out some unexpected details which do not go unnoticed by the most attentive of viewers. Such was the case in this Saturday’s regular game of Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo on CTV. The latest winning reaching some CA$372,229 is now under question, as the basic rules of the game appeared to be breached by a missing ball bearing the B2 number.

Live Bingo Broadcast Compromised by a Missing Ball

As it turned out, there was, in fact, one missing ball out of the 75 placed on top of the table bingo machine used for the game. However, it was not until the live broadcast commenced that the missing ball was discovered. Right before they were all dropped in the machine the missing ball was spotted both by the management, as well as many of the viewers at home. By that point, any changes would have interrupted the flow of the broadcast which is why no action was taken

The game spans over 30 minutes of live TV and management responsible for the game conducted a quick research of the question in the meantime. As it was later confirmed, the missing ball was most probably already in the machine. Once the balls were counted at the end of the TV broadcast their number was correct and no missing balls were discovered. People overseeing the game were confident that all 75 mandatory balls were in action once the game started.

Regardless of the internal investigation which took place, the Manitoba Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority is going to take its own look into the controversial situation which occurred last Saturday. The authority overseeing the field already commenced the probe, but there are many factors which could influence its overall length. It was confirmed that it might take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks.

Manitoba Winner Anticipates Authorities’ Final Say

What further heats up the field is that Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo’s largest ever winning was drawn during this very TV broadcast. It reached some CA$372,229 and right now there is a lucky winner in Manitoba province who anticipates the final decision of the authorities regarding the legitimacy of the latest game. For the time being, no official winners have been publicly announced or contacted by the Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo.

Due to the complications, more time will be needed for this mandatory step. Spokesperson of the licensed provider announced that all games continue according to the previously established schedule and the next one will take place this Saturday on November 24. It will come with a brand new jackpot. In the meantime, the conversation regarding the missing ball does not seem to cease, further boosted by screengrabs going viral on the Internet.

Many regular bingo players find it suspicious that this accident coincided with the largest ever jackpot was won. Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg is a charity gaming offering which aims to improve the community with the help of its games. Throughout the years the province has witnessed a wide variety of charitable organizations as a result, ranging from Kinsmen Reh-Fit Centre, the Kinsmen Discovery Centre at the Assiniboine Zoo, Winnipeg Harvest, Operation Go Home to Easter Seals Manitoba, and the Red River Exhibition.