New Live Casino Release (from Pragmatic Play) Snakes & Ladders

snakes_and_ladders_liveOnline casino makes for a phenomenal hobby, generating an excitement that seems never to flag.

Its appeal is easy to understand. After all, who doesn’t love trying to beat the house at the classic table games?

Still, sometimes wagering fans need a change of pace. As wonderful as the standard table games are, no one can play even the best real money Roulette titles forever. Sometimes, a fresh approach is called for…

… and that’s where Snakes and Ladders Live comes in.

This is a game unlike any other. It’s based on the classic board game of the same name (which also goes by the name of Chutes and Ladders), but this title is far more ambitious than a simple 1:1 adaptation.

What makes this game so special?

First of all, the core of gameplay is based on the outcome of real dice – not a RNG, but four actual physical dice! These are marked with Diamonds, Stars, and special bonus game symbols, and are tossed by a machine which presided over by a live dealer. This alone makes the offering different from just about any other on the market… even at the best online casinos in the business.

But that’s just the beginning!

The base game offers 7 betting options, the first of which come with a solid RTP of 96.3%:

  • Stars – a bet that 2 or more Star symbols will appear on the dice
  • Diamonds – a bet that 2 or more Diamond symbols will appear on the dice
  • Stars & Diamonds – a bet one of each of these symbols appear on the dice
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Snakes and Ladders – these wagers are the key to opening the Snakes and Ladders bonus
  • Snake Totem – if this bet is placed and 3 or more ST symbols appear on the dice, the Snake Totem bonus is triggered

All players have to do is make their choice, select their bet size, and game play will begin.

There are two bonus games: the Snakes & Ladders Bonus and Snake Totem features. Interestingly enough, these actually have a slightly lower RTP (95.09%) than the main game… although they also provide a fun change in the gaming pace, and also allow provide the setting for the maximum possible payouts, which can reach up to 10,000x the total bet size!

Overall, it looks to us like Pragmatic Play has delivered a major hit with this release.

Not only does it provide a totally unique gaming experience, it does so in style, with impressive visuals and impressive, professional dealers throughout. And best of all, the gaming substance is arguably stronger still! From where we’re sitting, this is a title that just about every gambling fan should try at least once.