Lightning Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

lightning_rouletteThere’s no bigger trend in the world of online casino gambling than Roulette with Live Dealers.

And there may be no bigger way of explaining this trend than noting this genre’s first smash hit!

That would be Lightning Roulette. To say that this title changed the game would be a massive understatement. It might be more accurate to say that just about every single one of the most popular roulette games on the market today is a response to it.

Every self-respecting gambler should know his or her way around this title…

… and if it’s been a while, it’s worth re-examining!

Even as Evolution has integrated the mastery of this game into its overall planning, it’s can pay dividends to look at the source of it all.

So what made it such a runaway success?

The simple answer is that, in building this title, the design team did what was previously thought to be impossible: they took Roulette and made it even better.

They created more, and more potentially lucrative ways to win. They added win multipliers. They added Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers betting options. Best of all, they managed to accomplish this without any loss to overall RTP – this remains the robust 97.3% that fans of European Roulette have become accustomed to.

A little more about those win multipliers: they start at 50x, and go as far as 500x. Five numbers are chosen at random for each spin, but players should keep in mind that these multipliers are only available for straight-up, single-number bets. Players sticking to the even-money wagers are just playing regular roulette.

This configuration yields an interesting strategy modification. Straight-up bets hit far less often than other Roulette bets, and of course they will only be multiplied about one in seven times they hit. At the same time, the win multipliers offer this game’s top payouts, as well as providing the factor that make it unique. That’s why it makes sense for smart players to regularly lay both single-number bets and even-money wagers.

And of course, following this approach will lead to a high-octane, higher-risk, higher-reward gaming experience than the average Roulette game.

The gaming style matches its impressive substance pound-for-pound. Visuals are elegant and somewhat futuristic, like something out of a Christopher Nolan film. The color palette is black, silver, and chrome. There’s definitely a sense of spectacle being broadcast from the Latvia studios.

The details are on point, too. Wagering limits range from $0.20–$2,000.00 per spin, and thanks to the multipliers, that brings the max win to an astonishing $1,000,000.00. Gameplay can be customized to meet user preferences,

This game is so magnificently successful that it launched a whole series by this provider. Players who love this approach and would like to see it applied to a different table game might enjoy Lightning Lotto.