Live Craps – Evolution Gaming

live_craps_evolutionOne of the great charms of the modern online casino industry is the great variety of gaming options available anywhere, anytime.

Sometimes, phenomenally broad selections are built by the same designer!

It was only weeks ago that Evolution Gaming wowed us with their gameshow-style hit Funky Time. It turns out that, in addition to innovative, ultra-modern live dealer offerings, this company can also turn in classic casino table games par excellence.

Perhaps because of the uniquely tactile element of Craps – which part of what makes this game special – the massive international live dealer trend has been slow to reach this game, even as it has had so many successful iterations in the other main line table classics like Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Finally, Evolution has put this injustice to bed for good!

This is great news for players who take their wagering habit seriously.


Well, for starters, this particular title comes with a fantastic top RTP of 99.17%, and a betting range going all the way from a minimum of $0.50 to a max of $1,000 per round. The design team has even included an impressive suits of tutorials and live guides, to make the experience more friendly to beginners.

(That last point is especially noteworthy, because this game does come with a complex set of betting rules. Compared to, say, roulette, where bets are easy for beginners to grasp (even if strategy is not), this game can take significantly longer to learn. That’s why we strongly recommended that all players, whether rank amateur or seasoned veteran, take the time to review our Craps strategy guide…

… and always remember that, all bravery aside, the Pass Line and Take Odds bets are always the wisest ones to make, at least from a purely mathematical perspective!)

In the second place, visuals and overall aesthetic are also extremely strong.

It’s clear that preserving and celebrating the old-school elegance of this game has been a central goal, and overall, we’d have to say that the creative team knocked this one right out of the park. The studio looks like a 1920s speakeasy, from the suspenders and skinny ties of the croupiers to the dark lighting, mahogany and exposed brick of the studio itself. It’s quite an atmosphere.

Which brings us to another central difficulty in building the online gaming world’s first live Craps game: to social element of the game!

As anyone who has ever spent a memorable night celebrating (and winning off the back of) a hot shooter can tell you, there’s nothing quite like magnificent energy that can spring up amongst players, spectators, and staff when everything with the dice is going right. How can this community spirit be channeled in an online setting?

It’s a major challenge, but the design team’s creation of an “Applause” button is a huge step in the right direction! If you want to enjoy the feeling of cheering on another shooter’s lucky streak, use this button generously.

All in all, it’s hard to ask for more. This is a ground-breaking release, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see many others follow in its footsteps.