Gold Vault Roulette (Evolution)

gold_vault_rouletteThere are many important genres in the world of live dealer casino gaming, but the case could be made that Roulette is the king of all.

After all, the spinning wheel ranks not only among the most widely beloved table games – it also offers some of the lowest house edge in the entire casino!

With that understood, it should come as no surprise that the industry is constantly awash in new Roulette releases. It’s no small feat to stand out amongst this crowded field…

… yet the mighty Evolution Gaming seems to have done it!

It’s not only that their releases consistently rank among the most popular Roulette games on the market. It’s also that the quality of their offerings, both in substance and in style, consistently merits this popularity.

Witness Gold Vault Roulette. This 2023 release sports some serious bells and whistles: we’re talking about glamorous, gameshow-style presentation; an upper betting limit of $5,000; stackable multipliers that can reach as high as 500x!

This could result in some of the biggest jackpot wins Canadian players have seen yet on any Roulette table.

Best of all, all of these bonuses are on offer without compromising that fantastic European wheel RTP of 97.3%.

How did they do it?

gold_vault_roulette_Essentially, this title is a “remix” of their earlier Gold Bar Roulette offering. There, as here, standard roulette rules guide the betting period. After this 12-second period is over, the host opens a safe to reveal between 5–20 gold bars, each of which carries at 50x win multiplier. These are then allotted at random to the numbers on the wheel… and they are stackable.

The end result looks like this: single number bets without gold bars pay 25:1, instead of the standard 35:1. However, winning straight up bets with gold bars pay 50:1; those with two gold bars pay 100:1; and those with three gold bars pay 150:1.

Additionally, Super Gold Bars may (or may not) appear on any single spin. When these appear, they are assigned to a single number (and are not stackable) – that single number bet will pay 500:1 for that round only.

(Please note that the multipliers are only available on straight-up, single number bets. Other bets – and payouts – remain unchanged from standard European rules. Notably, the RTP for single number bets decreases slightly from the standard 97.3% to a 97.03%… that’s the trade-off for enhanced win possibilities.)

It could be said that this title doesn’t really break new ground for a designer that has already dropped plenty of multiplier-rich casino games.

Still, a thing doesn’t have to be new in order to be worthy of attention!

You know the team at Evolution is doing things right, because their Red Door Roulette title is just as charming as this one, yet it has an entirely different gaming energy.

Fans of the one should definitely take a look at the other, and gambling aficionados who enjoy Roulette would do well to explore both!