Red Door Roulette – Casino Gaming Guide to Evolution’s Blockbuster

red-dor-roulette-liveThe elite-level casino brand Evolution has boasted some major hits over the years.

This should be hardly surprising. After all, you don’t get to be one of the best design firms on the market by releasing duds!

Still, even among top companies, Evolution’s run of success has been remarkable. And it’s possible that no title has been a bigger success than Crazy Time. Together with its sequel, Funky
Time, this single game has become an absolute runaway hit, beloved by players, platforms, and critics alike.

While it will be a big challenge to replicate the particular secret sauce that made that such a classic, the company’s excellent design team has brought some elements of that winning formula to Roulette – one of the industry’s best, most player-friendly, and most popular table games.

The result is Red Door Roulette.

Recently announced in video format, this promises to be one of the most exciting releases of the coming year!

As you might expect, the gaming fundamentals are rock solid. The single zero European Roulette model is used, which means players can expect the formidable RTP of 97.3% makes this variant such a player favorite. The visuals, from what we can see at this early stage, are classy as can be.

But of course, with a release like this, the draw is definitely not only about the fundamentals.

In fact, the game’s very name – Red Door – invokes one of the best bonus features of Crazy Time!

Here, as in that title, the triggering of a bonus round means that the presenters walk through the iconic door into an Artificial Reality-enhanced bonus round, where massive prizes can be won.

In the Roulette format, this special feature is activated in a different manner when compared to the money wheel format of the original game. Here, golden keys appear randomly on the table in every round… not dissimilar from the way the Lucky Numbers function in another Evolution hit, Lightning Roulette. The key is to make Straight Up wagers… when a single number bet is won on a number with a golden key, the bonus round is triggered. Fabulous prizes may well follow.

In practice, this isn’t entirely good news. First of all, winning Roulette strategy doesn’t always involve placing many Straight Up bets… in order to take care of this title’s bonus structure, players will have to adjust their betting patterns. Secondly, in practice, this bonus feature will be much more easy to trigger than in Crazy Time… which means the bonuses will likely not pay quite as much.

Even so, though, our advice is clear:

Players should consider walking through this door as early as possible: red though it may be, there are chances of winning some serious green on the other side!