Playtech’s Live Dealer Casino VIP Baccarat [Review and Strategy]

Sometimes in the world of online casino gaming, it can seem as though game creators are trying to please everyone at once.

It’s as though every new release just has to have the same standard features – low minimum bets, bonus features, medium volatility, glamorous visuals reminiscent of a TV game show, and so on – without having much of a real, unique personality. You just want to ask: who are they making these games for, anyway?

When it comes to Playtech’s VIP Baccarat, this is definitely not the case.

It’s abundantly clear that this top-tier designer has built this particular title to appeal to the whims of big bettors. Why else would it accommodate a maximum wager of $12,500?

The design team actually takes things even further by including a “peek” feature accessible only to the highest-staking player in each betting round. This doesn’t change the outcome, but thanks to a separate camera, these players know the result before anyone else at the table, sent to them privately via a second stream added to their gaming screens.

That’s what we call the VIP treatment!

Now, does this mean you have to have a massive bankroll in order to enjoy this title?

No way!

It’s no secret that Baccarat boasts some of the most player-friendly odds of any casino offering. That’s why this title comes with an RTP of 98.76%! And in order to take advantage of these odds, bettors will only need to meet the minimum wager of $5 per hand.

That’s not exactly penny stakes, but it’s not exactly reserved for ballers only, either.

Whatever the size of your budget may be, a word to the wise: this title also differentiates itself from the pack by placing a greater emphasis on side bets than many competitor titles. These are:

  • Player / Banker Pair – a wager that the relevant side will be dealt a pair as its first two cards.
  • Either Pair – a wager that either side will be dealt a pair as its first two cards.
  • Perfect Pair – a wager predicting two cards of the same value and the same suit.
  • Big / Small – a wager predicting the total point difference between Player and Banker. A difference of 5 or more means a win for big; one of 4 or less means a win for small.

Our advice? Steer clear of these side bets entirely! They come with a much nastier house edge.

Stick to the Player or Banker bets (the latter are subject to a 5% commission) to get the full benefit of this table game’s fantastic RTP. To do otherwise is to essentially make a gift of some portion of your bankroll to the casino’s coffers.

On the whole, Playtech has been delivering for Canadian players in a big way of late.

We’re pleased to see this addition to their already strong baccarat catalogue, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!