Nexus Roulette Live (OnAir Entertainment)

nexus_roulette_on_air_entertainmentHow do you improve on a classic?

It’s a great problem to have! And one online casino industry has embraced when it comes to the nearly perfect game of Roulette.

A few approaches have been tried – there some excellent Roulette variations available, to be sure, which tackle the situation from a structural perspective. Of course, plenty of titles try to distinguish themselves using innovative visual design, a unique theme, or a tv gameshow-style presentation.

We don’t know of any other titles, though, that offer four roulette wheels at once!

That’s why Nexus Roulette is not to be missed.

The use of multiple wheels allows for an entirely fresh approach to wagering. It’s not (just) betting on where one ball will land anymore! Instead, players are trying to predict the outcome of all four wheels. To put it mildly, this changes everything.

Seasoned cognoscenti of the Roulette may find they need a bit of time to adjust to this new model. For example, it’s still possible to bet on Red. However, in order to get a winning result, at least three wheels have to finish with a Red result. Here is a breakdown of some of the way bets are effected:

  • Straight Up – As usual, this wagers cover a single number. Hitting your number on the main wheel brings a sub-standard 28:1 payout. On the other hand, should the number hit on any additional wheels, things get sweeter. For example, if any two wheels hit your number, you get a 49:1 payout. All four wheels will net you the maximum reward of 5,000x.
  • Color – The classic Red and Black (Neon is used instead of Black) wagers require at least three wheels to hit the color you predicted for a 2:1 payout. If all four wheels hit the same color, you win 4:1 instead.
  • Line  Six Line, Corner, Street, and Split bets are the only ‘classic’ options available. They only apply to the main wheel and standard payouts.
  • Column  Similar to color wagers, full 12-number column bets require at least three wheels to hit numbers in order to win a 7:1 payout. This rises to to 19:1 if all four wheels confirm the bet.
  • Nexus– One of the unique betting options that comes with this title, this predicts at least two wheels will get the same number as a result. The actual number does not matter, as long as it’s identical on at least two wheels.
  • Wheel Sum –Another unique wager that predicts the total sum of the results on all four wheels added together. The options are grouped into ranges of possible outcomes, mirroring classic even money bets.

It’s not just a matter of the unique approach, though – the gaming substance is rock solid, too. The broad betting range of $1-1,500 per spin makes the title accessible to players with a wide variety of bankroll sizes. The top payout is 3,000x, and RTP tops out at 97.3%!

Going On Air

While using four simultaneous wheels is indeed a unique approach to roulette in today’s market, it’s actually not an entirely new idea.

Not too long ago, the casino software giant NetEnt offered a title called Roulette Max, which featured four roulette wheels with expanded betting options, combining all four into one large-scale game. When the company was acquired by Evolution, though, this game was shuttered – along with the rest of their previously vibrant live casino division.

(NetEnt slots are still available, with new releases coming regularly.)

The good folks at OnAir Entertainment have now revived this idea, to our great delight!

It’s worth noting that, while this designer has a relatively new name in the business, they’re still a blue chip firm. To put it simply, OnAir Entertainment makes up the live casino division of Games Global, which has owned and operated the vast Microgaming catalogue since acquiring it in May 2022.