Jet Set Racing Roulette (Playtech)

Looking for a fresh take on roulette?

jet_set_racing_roulettePlaytech might have just what the doctor ordered!

With their Jet Set Racing Roulette, the venerable Estonian gaming company digs deep into their creative side, releasing an impressive title with not one but two big wheels, as well as a race prediction element in the bargain. In our opinion, it strikes the perfect balance between a fresh approach and classic gaming quality…

… as the outstanding RTP of 97.29% can testify!

Although one usually associates Playtech with slot gaming, there’s more to this designer than just reel action. This company believes in its success to such a great extent that its board rejected an acquisition bid from Aristocrat Gaming worth approximately $4 billion.

That’s what we call confidence!

And from what we see in this title, that confidence is well-founded. No matter how strong a player’s grasp of roulette strategy may be, a fresh approach is called for here – because this is a game unlike any other.

Here’s how it works. There are two Roulette wheels – Orange and Teal – in operation on every spin, with bets are split evenly between them. This makes for an interesting gaming element, where players have two chances to win on each spin… but a wager which hits on only one of the two wheels will only win half of the normal payout. This makes for a totally different mathematical approach to roulette!

And as if that weren’t enough, there’s also the virtual racing side of things to consider.

Though they are shown as races between horses, greyhounds, trotters, or motorcycles, these races are entirely virtual: the outcome is determined by RNG. Players try to pick the winner! And just like in a real race, the longest odds feature the biggest payouts… or, in this case, the biggest multipliers!

As it is with the two roulette wheels, players chances of winning are doubled, since wagers are placed on both 1st and 2nd Place finishes. It’s possible to win either the 2nd Place Multiplier, the 1st Place Multiplier, or (if both results are correctly predicted) the special Jet Set Multiplier.

Any and all winning multipliers are then applied to wins from the roulette wheels.

We will freely admit that while Playtech’s games are uniformly strong, graphic design isn’t always the strongest element of their catalogue. This title, however, is an altogether different story: it looks great from start to finish. And with a top payout of 2,499x, as well as a betting range of $0.20-1,000 per spin, this offering is at least as strong in its substance as it is in its excellent style.

All in all, this is one of the best “roulette with a twist” options out there. It’s a niche market, but one that is in constant demand.

It’s clear that this company’s big bet on itself, as well as its major moves, both in Canadian markets and elsewhere, is justified.