Ultimate Roulette (Ezugi) Means Extreme Casino Fun

Do you ever with that Roulette could be… well… more?

If so, then look no further than Ultimate Roulette from Ezugi!

This designer, now under the umbrella of Evolution Gaming, shows that it is second-to-none with this maximalist take on one of the world’s most popular table games.

It’s no secret that roulette is one of the best options out there for real money wagering. This is partially due to the comparatively small house edge that comes with it: when playing on a European wheel, gamblers can look forward to an RTP of 97.3%… that’s a figure that puts just about any game to shame (unless that other game happens to be called Blackjack or Baccarat).

Yet, despite those tremendously favorable odds, there is one legitimate complaint about Roulette…

… it can get a big repetitive.

Of course, one can vary one’s bets to keep things interesting. Still, even with the added personal of touch of playing with live dealers, each spin of the wheel is going to end with the ball on one of the number pockets – there is no surprise ending here.

Fortunately, the good folks at Ezugi’s design team have created a unique solution: they’ve added win multipliers to this mix.

Now, this isn’t the first time this approach has been tried… but it may be the most effective iteration yet. This is because, unlike other takes on supercharged, multiplier-rich roulette, this game does not come with a lower RTP!

Instead, the house makes up for its potential multiplier-related losses by lowering the base payouts for straight-up bets. They now pay 28:1 instead of 35:1. But the tradeoff for this is 2-5 numbers randomly selected each round, assigned a multiplier of 50x-1000x.

Furthermore, players have the option of paying an 10% on all of their bets. If they do so, up to 3 additional multipliers will be added to each spin, with the possibility of being doubled if and when they hit. That’s the way to hit this game’s top payout of 2000x – a massive windfall by the standards of any roulette table in history…

… and that doesn’t factor in the possibility of multiples spreading to up to 3 neighboring numbers! This means that the maximum quantity of number bets with multipliers reaches as high as 11! Impressive stuff.

There’s no question that the design team has built something special here.

Still, it’s important to note that the only way to take advantage of these win multipliers is by making straight-up bets!

Gamblers who prefer to stick to the even-money wagers would be just as well served by playing a traditional title, as they will gain no advantage from the win multipliers here.

With that said, the range of possible bet sizes is truly extraordinary here – from a minimum of $0.20 all the way up a max of $100,000 (if supported by the host casino) – so if there was ever a time to try mixing bets, this is it!