Phenomenal Live Roulette (Luckystreak)

In an online casino gambling landscape dominated by a few elite brands, a quality offering from a fresh-faced designer can be legitimately surprising!

That’s the case with Luckystreak.

They aren’t as well-known as, say, NetEnt or Playtech. Neither can their catalogue rival those of these larger firms when it comes to sheer quantity or variety.

Still, it seems that everything this company has created so far has turned to gold! Their Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat offerings, for example, live up to the highest standards of the industry – simply put, no one does it better.

Their Live Roulette offering fits right into this larger trend. Released in 2017, this has got to be one of the best roulette options out there.


Let’s start with the massive betting range of $0.50 – $12,500 per spin, which makes this accessible to every bankroll size imaginable. (Take note, though: $12,500 is the maximum bet allowed by the designer, but individual casinos may or may not accept bets of that size.) The European, single-zero structure yields an RTP of 97.3% Those are stats that no gambler could quarrel with!

The finer points are just as appealing.

The full range of traditional, French roulette bets is available here. This includes the racetrack bets Voisins du zero, Le tiers de cylindre, Orphelins, and more. Graphic design is first-rate, streaming in HD in 16:9, which is perfect for mobile gaming.

Live chat is available for gamblers who enjoy the social aspect of live casino play. There is also a well-built Game History section, which displays the past 100 rounds of of winning numbers – though players should keep in mind that, as this is a game of chance, past history is no indicator of future outcomes.

There are some great subtler details, too. For example, if players are having issues with their connectivity, it’s possible to dial down the video quality so as to diminish lag. What’s more, all table games from this designer share the same visual design, so switching between, say, blackjack and baccarat feels as smooth a transition as changing physical tables in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Ready to dive in?

Great! Unless you’re a already a seasoned professional gambler, we strongly recommend reviewing our guide to roulette strategies before making major bets.

Despite some folk wisdom on the topic, roulette is ultimately a game of chance – there is no way to choose numbers or size bets that can outwit the house edge (or the power of the Random Number Generator)! With that said, the key to winning strategy is to make the most mathematically advantageous wagers possible… and that’s what smart players know to prioritize.

We have to admit, we’re excited by what we’ve seen from this designer so far. In this booming industry, where gamblers lay billions in bets each quarter, quantity sometimes triumphs over quality, with some brands enjoying success on the basis of sheer volume alone.

Luckystreak seems to be showing us that the opposite can also be true: sometimes, excellence on a smaller scale can win the day…

… and there’s no better game to prove this point than roulette!