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Could Canadian Casinos Go Cashless?

Canadian brick-and-mortar casino venues might have to go through a radical change in the way it operates and collaborates with patrons. Paul Burns, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Gaming Association, stated that digital payments might be needed in the upcoming reopening phase of their operation, as this could protect their health going forward.

For quite a while, the idea of cashless casino venues has been discussed across the Canadian gaming facilities welcoming individuals on a daily basis. Back in 2019, the conversation was triggered by the growing concerns regarding money laundering. Gaming corporations were thinking of ways they could stop money laundering in land-based casino venues. The unprecedented situation and physical distancing might speed up the process.

Cashless Gaming Might be the Solution

Mr. Burns pointed out that the association overseeing gaming across the country has been working towards introducing advanced systems that could protect the integrity of gaming locations. The introduction of cashless gaming was proposed as a way for the venues to eliminate dirty cash and the proceeds of crime to be washed with the help of in-person gambling. British Columbia has been referred to as the laundromat province.

Casino locations such as River Rock Casino in Richmond have been used in the past for the alleged laundering of copious amounts of cash. Going cashless could prevent this from happening. Mr. Burns has been in conversations when it comes to money-laundering prevention, however, the past three months have also had their impact on the Canadian gaming field. Introducing cashless casino gaming could protect the people.

Physical distancing is the recommended practice right now and eliminating cash payments on the premises of the casino would further promote this among the casino patrons. Handling cash ranks among the high-risk actions that could take place during in-person gambling right now. The table games available on the premises of the casinos are also high-risk areas, as they involve dice rolling and card games.

Delta Cashless Casino

The enclosed space of a land-based casino has been eyed as one of the places where both patrons and casino staff might put their health at risk. Alberta casino venues already received s green light to relaunch operation and this is the first Canadian province to do so. Manitoba shows signs of active preparation with orientation training in progress this week.

Delta, British Columbia was among the first regions to push for cashless gaming in the spring of 2019. Back then, local officials proposed the idea of a cashless casino venue that could potentially eliminate the issue and ensure that the new Cascades Casino would not attract dirty cash own the road. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is working on the new project that could launch in 2021.

A draft report of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada failed to estimate the exact amount of dirty cash laundered, but according to the information listed in it, the overall sum could reach CA$40 billion. This triggered a reaction in Delta. The town borders Richmond, considered being the money laundering hub of British Columbia.