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Delta Mayor Seeks Ottawa’s Support for Cashless Cascades Casino in 2020

Obtaining more information about money-laundering and preventing the illegal practice from damaging further the trust in casino venues and other sectors across British Columbia are among the main goals for the government. Delta is going to welcome its new casino venue in the foreseeable future and Mayor George Harvie announced his determination to make it a cashless one, as to make the laundering of dirty cash impossible. The special group of officials that would make their way to Ottawa to discuss the proposal could accomplish this.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment prepares for construction work on the chosen site, while the Delta community prepares for the new gambling venue that would transform the region with its gaming options. In order to eliminate concerns of future laundering of cash, Mayor Harvie wants to make it a facility that does not accept cash payments. The City Council gave green light to previously discussed plan for action that would include a special delegation making its way to Ottawa and clarifying its concerns.

Payments On Site Could Be Electronic

Following the examples of other provinces where cashless gambling venues are popular, Delta is willing to implement this approach, but first, it would have to convince the government that this is a necessary move. Many communities across British Columbia have expressed their concerns that existing or future casino facilities could attract individuals washing cash, a concern that placed the City of Victoria in limbo recently.

Delta wants to take action instead of worrying about Cascades Casino Delta’s future, which is why implementing electronic transactions is considered a good idea. Mayor Harvie is known for his promise for bringing the change to the was gambling facilities operate with money, as he wants the community to benefit from the regular allocations to the fullest. Before he was elected for Mayor of Delta he made it clear that the city would regain control and eliminate dirty money washing.

Now he is ready to make his promises a reality with the help of the special delegation traveling to Ottawa. It would take place from February 25 to 28 and the overall cost of this trip could reach CA$20,000. Making casino venues a cash-free zone would mean that only electronic transactions would be allowed on site. Casino patrons will be able to use them for chips purchase, as well as slot device action. Tickets could also be implemented as an alternative payment method that could have a positive effect on the gaming field across British Columbia.

CA$70-Million Construction Starts Soon

Gambling operation in the area is projected to commence sometime next year, as it is in its beginning stages at the moment. Mid-January the City gave its official permission for construction work to start. The first step is the demolition of Delta Town & Country Inn, that was approved by the city officials sending it to the Ministry of Transportation to have the final say.

The new casino location is expected to transform the junction of highways 17A and 99  into one of the hotspots in Delta. The casino facility is going to cost some CA$70 million to the casino operator that received a green light for operation in November 2018. Just like every casino venue in operation, a portion of its gaming revenue would be allocated to the community. In this case, it equates to 10 percent that would have to be utilized to the best of Delta’s abilities.

As for gambling offerings, Cascades Casino Delta would feature 500 slot machines, in addition to 24 table games and 6 electronic tables. Richmond expressed its position as a neighboring community that the construction of Cascades Casino in Delta would result in an increase of the traffic in the region. Despite this, Delta is now on the verge of the groundbreaking of the new venue that could also become the first cashless venue in the province.