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Delta Braces for Demolition ahead of Cascades Casino Delta Construction Work Start

Hundreds of people in Delta have been eyeing the new casino project ever since its official announcement and now they are one step closer to it. This week saw the city grant a demolition permit which is going to see one of the iconic locations in town – the Delta Town & Country Inn razed to the ground. The only thing left now is for the Ministry of Transportation inks the permit and gives it green light.

Ever since the spring of 2018, Delta has been immersed in heated conversation regarding the new gaming venue which is about to be built at the junction of highways 17A and 99. The location is expected to introduce a heavy flow of customers to the new venue and make it the new hotspot in the region. The first months of 2019 were eyed as the estimated time of demolition permit granting and so far things appear to go according to schedule.

Cascades Casino Delta Set to Open in 2020

There are three mandatory approvals to this permit and two of the parties have already given their nod. Delta Council and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation approved the demolition permit and now the only thing left is for the Ministry of Transportation to have its final say so that the CA$70-million project could move forward. This is all exciting news for supporters of the casino operation in Delta, as it means that the launch date in 2020 is approaching.

Estimations are that the new entertainment complex is going to attract the interest of many new casino patrons both locally and hailing from neighboring communities. This will, in turn, provide the city coffers with substantial regular allocations generated by the gaming operation on site. Original projections are that the future casino venue is going to bag anywhere between CA$1.5 million and CA$3 million, guaranteeing good annual allocations.

Once the venue launches operation, it will be able to estimate the figure more accurately. Some 10 percent of the net slice which would go to British Columbia will be bagged by the local government. Cascades Casino Delta could be defined as one of the relatively smaller casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. With as many as 500 slot devices sprinkled across the gaming floor, as well as 24 table games and 6 electronic table games available on site, it will aim to meet the expectations of all players.

Demolition Work Will Commence Soon

For those willing to explore its offerings for longer, the new complex is going to provide a hotel tower with as many as 124 rooms available for booking. This will ensure that the project provides up to 700 individuals with a steady income as part of the workforce on site. What should be taken into account, is that the location was carefully chosen in order to prevent potential problem gambling issues, since it is far from residential neighborhoods.

It could be recalled that last fall saw neighboring community Richmond disagree with the pinpointed location for construction, citing concerns to the likes of increased traffic in the area, as well as crime rates surge in the long run. These claims were dismissed later on, as not enough argumentation was provided. Now it is only a matter of time before the demolition of the vacant Ladner Delta Town & Country Inn commences.