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Lotto MAX Main Prize Reaches CA$55m, Changes Come this Fall

Lotto MAX is among the popular draw-based lottery offerings across Canada and players from near and far know that the growing Main prize is about to be claimed soon. September 1 is about to witness the riveting gaming offering return with yet another draw reaching CA$55 million and ticket sales have increased over the past few days.

Individuals seeking the lottery jackpot and a way to change their life could turn to lottery gaming, as the CA$5 lotto tickets give them the opportunity to win big. Players often buy them when they go grocery shopping and this ends up changing their future thanks to a hefty prize. Lotto MAX has seen several draws leaving the Main prize untouched.

Main Prize Grows

August 28 saw the most recent Lotto MAX draw coming our way and it brought a Main prize reaching CA$50 million. The numbers drawn part of this draw were 05, 08, 09, 28, 32, 48, 50, as well as the bonus one 40. Not a single ticket became eligible for this cash prize and the jackpot went on growing.

As a result of the increased interest towards Lotto MAX tickets purchasing, players will be able to enjoy a Main prize of CA$55 million this Tuesday. The Friday draw also saw two Maxmillions prizes become linked to a Lotto MAX ticket. One of the lucky pieces of paper had been sold in the province of Quebec, as Loto-Québec confirmed soon after the end of the draw. The second one has yet to be identified by one of the Crown corporations.

The regular Tuesday Lotto MAX jackpot is expected to bring as many as four Maxmillions additional prizes. There have been some changes to the Lotto MAX game conditions which will come in effect on October 23 this year. According to them, once the amount of the Lotto MAX gaming pool exceeds the CA$50 million mark, Maxmillions prizes are going to be funded by the 7/7 Main prize pool if the Main prize is not won.

Maxmillions Changes

The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation provides funding for the lottery payouts. The change is taking place now because Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation wanted to keep a close eye on the impact of two weekly Lotto MAX draws for at least twelve months.

That happened back in May 2019, also bringing a cap increase to CA$70 million. As a result of the changes that will be implemented on October 23, the Lotto MAX October 27 draw is set to witness greater funding flexibility and long-term viability of the game. In the meantime, Lotto 6/49 also comes with great prizes but nobody seems to be able to bag them. August 29 witnessed the latest weekly draw bringing a Main prize of CA$6 million.

Not a single ticket became eligible for the cash payout and thus it continued growing over the weekend. September 2 is about to bring the next regular draw with a jackpot reaching CA$8 million and individuals have already commenced their ticket purchases ahead of that Lotto 6/49 draw.