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Quebec Players Snatch Biggest Ever Progressive Jackpots in Gatineau, La Malbaie

Casino du Lac-Leamy is a special location for many locals willing to give their luck a try, but following a major jackpot claim one player would perceive it as an extraordinary one. As of recently, the progressive OK POKER jackpot reached CA$676,443 and Fadi Semaan grabbed the largest slice of it as a consolation prize for his bad beat loss.

The remaining players at the poker table also received a fair share of the windfall. As it often happens in life, a bad hand could end up being the best thing for a player. Casino jackpots make no exception, as they could turn an unlucky player’s day around faster than one can say Bad Beat.

Bad Beat Jackpot Bagged

The player who appears to be well on their way to the winning hand could be beaten when they least expect it, but this would eventually result in winning the Bad Beat jackpot. In order to become eligible for the progressive cash payout, the player must be defeated with as many as four 10s or higher.

This results in a jackpot being shared among players currently seated at the poker table, as well as the individuals present in the venue. Such was the case with the poker enthusiasts coming together at Casino du Lac-Leamy’s poker room. Fadi Semaan was the individual who bagged the largest slice of the overall prize for his bad beat hand – CA$270,577. This sum amounts to 40 percent of the overall prize.

At that point, Yvon Llaonde was the player with the best hand, eventually becoming eligible for a cash payout of CA$135,289 or the second-best cash payout at the poker table. There were also five more players eager to win more at the table and those were Leon Krishn, Robert Cloutier, Zin Lan, Long Phi, and Georges Y. Naggar. Each of them bagged some CA$27,058, once again part of the progressive jackpot serving as a consolation prize.

Powerbucks Jackpot Goes to Saguenay

As for the remainder of the individuals present at the poker room, they had to equally split 20 percent of the overall jackpot, a portion amounting to CA$135,289. Casino jackpots in Quebec have been more than generous over the past few days, as a slot machine offered a brand new chance of living lavishly to a retired casino player. Casino de Charlevoix was La Malbaie’s hotspot after a player bagged CA$1,196,769 from a Powerbucks slot machine.

This has been the largest slot machine jackpot to be paid at the casino venue, making it even more special. The player wanted to remain anonymous but it has been revealed that he is hailing from Saguenay and he is in his 50s. A family trip to Charlevoix and the vicinities would forever be remembered as a special one, as he became eligible for the cash prize during it.

All he had to do is bet some CA$2.25 at the Powerbucks slot machine. The winner and his family celebrated at the VIP lounge of the casino location. British Columbia was another province to bag the renowned Powerbucks progressive jackpot earlier this summer. Prince George resident Brittany Hammell bagged her windfall reaching CA$1,060,703.14 at Treasure Cove Casino.