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Treasure Cove Casino Makes Locals Millionaires this Summer

Jackpots would always be a hot topic due to their unexpected nature and the potential they have to change people’s lives. Treasure Cove Casino has been extra generous over the past few months, granting yet another jackpot to one of its casino patrons.

Prince George resident Brittany Hammell recently bagged her windfall reaching CA$1,060,703.14 and she is about to make great changes to her life. Both lottery and slot machine jackpots trigger the same response in people interested in winning them.

Many players remember exactly where they stood and what they were doing when learning that they are the winners of a grand jackpot. Those stories are also the most exciting to listen to, as they paint a picture and make the experience a truly vivid one. Prince George has seen several millionaires over the past months, Mrs. Hammell being the most recent one.

Powerbucks Jackpot Bagged by Local Player

Treasure Cove Casino was the location which offers casino patrons the chance to win a Powerbucks progressive jackpot on a regular basis. About a week ago, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced that yet another local has snatched the growing jackpot, this time while it was still closer to its minimum amount.

Brittany Hammell became a millionaire after playing the Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway at the local premium casino location. August 20 was the special day at the beginning of which she was unaware of what is to come. While gaming she also did not know that her destiny is to become a millionaire.

When the slot machine began chiming and it displayed the exact amount of the cash prize, Mrs. Hammell could not believe her eyes. She still finds it hard to believe that this is her life now. It could be recalled that mid-July Andy and Marlyne Dumoulin became eligible for the grand Powerbucks jackpot reaching CA$2.1 million at the time.

This was all possible thanks to a CA$3 spin turning them into multimillionaires. Mrs. Hammell is now planning to support her family and possibly purchase a house.

Lotto 6/49 Is Generous Too

Another British Columbia winner is now CA$500,000 richer as a result of a lottery ticket purchase earlier this month. August 14 was a special date for Suzanne Robson, as this is when her lucky Lotto 6/49 draw took place. The regular lottery draw made it possible for her to bag a generous prize thanks to the Extra draw. All she had to do was match the four numbers drawn.

This made her eligible for a windfall of CA$500,000. As soon as she found out about it, she was ready to celebrate the win with her husband. The way she found out about the windfall was via a PlayNow notification. The couple hails from Whistler and the two of them are already planning their first purchases with the prize.

An RV might be purchased in the near future and the two of them are thinking about retiring earlier. Lotto MAX returns this Tuesday with a CA$40-million jackpot ready to be snatched by a fortunate enough player who had purchased a ticket ahead of the draw. Lotto 6/49 would have its Wednesday draw featuring a CA$7-million Main prize.