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Best Friends Bag CA$2M Jackpot, Treasure Cove Casino Makes It Rain Once Again

This Wednesday is about to be a rather special one for British Columbia and one lottery enthusiast in particular, as British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced the winner is about to bag their prize.

The player eligible for a Lotto MAX jackpot reaching CA$60 million is going to make their way to the special cheque ceremony and reveal their identity. Following months of silence around the major jackpot, this is considered good news.

August 21 would forever be remembered as the day when a Richmond resident bagged their CA$60-million jackpot and saw their life transform. After about four weeks of waiting for a lucky player to reach out and grab their jackpot, someone has actually contacted the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

They are going to bag their grand jackpot and take a photo with the traditional Lotto MAX cheque. BCLC’s Vancouver office is going to welcome the winner.

CA$60M Lotto MAX Jackpot Bagged

At 1.30 p.m. the winner is about to make the lottery corporation’s office a more special place and receive congratulations for the great jackpot. It could be recalled that July 26 came with a lotto MAX draw featuring Main prize of CA$60 million.

A British Columbian player later revealed to be hailing from Richmond, claimed it. According to the information revealed up until this point, the lucky ticket had been purchased at Seafair shopping mall and projections are that it would become more popular as a result.

In the meantime, the province recently congratulated the latest lotto millionaires. Susan Hook and Martha McCallum of Kamloops recently halved a CA$2-million BC/46 jackpot and celebrated their win. The two friends purchased a joint ticket earlier this month in the hopes of winning big.

This is just what happened, as their ticket ended up matching all six numbers of the latest BC/49 draw. As a result, they instantly became eligible for the cash prize reaching CA$2 million. The two of them have been close friends and confidantes for the past half a century, so the jackpot win was even more special.

PowerBuck Slot Machine Especially Generous

Mrs. McCallum remembered to check the lottery ticket in her coffee break, which is when she found out about the grand jackpot the two of them had won. It all seemed too good to be true and she made her way back to work. The two women live together in Kamloops, as they are both widows. What is truly special is that the date of the winning draw coincided with the anniversary of Hook’s husband’s passing.

With the CA$2-million prize, the two of them are planning to travel the world and see great places. Meanwhile, Treasure Cove Casino made yet another player a millionaire, as the PowerBuck slot machine had generated a CA$1-million jackpot. This is the casino venue’s second grand jackpot for this summer, as July 13 saw Andy and Marlyne Dumoulin bag their CA$2.1 million.

Treasure Cove Marketing Manager Amanda Chandler was excited about the publicity this would create and the positive impact it could have on the casino location. For the time being, the winner’s identity has not been revealed. The BCLC would soon contact the winner and grant them with the prize.