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Montreal Man Strikes Biggest Ever Progressive Slot Machine Jackpot at Montreal Casino

A retiree from Montreal has a lot to be thankful after hitting a dazzling jackpot prize of C$1.8 million at the Montreal Casino. Christmas came just in time for Chi Hoc Huynh, who managed to turn his investment of C$30 into a staggering amount of $1.825 million. The lucky Huynh had been playing a Grand Prix slot machine at the Montreal Casino on 26th December, when the bells started ringing to announce that retiree hit the ginormous prize. Coming as no surprise, the casino lays claim to have paid one of the largest slot jackpots ever won in a Quebec casino.

Mr. Huynh, who is a retiree for almost a year, has become a millionaire from his tiny bet. The man shared his happiness with his wife Kim. The couple shared a glass of champagne to commemorate Huynh’s biggest win. Huynh shared his plans to spend a fair portion of the money on traveling. The lucky winner plans also to go on a cruise. Mr. Huynh shared that he visits Casino de Montreal three or four times a year and that is the first time in his life, in which he nets the jackpot. Huynh’s windfall places him in the list of the biggest slot jackpots ever won at the Montreal Casino.

Kevin Taylor, the president overseeing the operation of Quebec’s casinos, commented that this year has turned many people into millionaires. This is not just a statement, but the truth itself as this is not the first time, in which someone hits a life-changing jackpot at the Montreal casino. In April this year, a couple from Laval, Quebec won a C$1.7-million jackpot playing a Powerbucks slot machine. This was the largest slot jackpot in Quebec’s history at that time.

Slot Machines Weather Storms to Award Millions

Slot machines are among the most attractive gambling games in casinos because of its simple rules and massive jackpots. Entering any casino around the globe, the visitors are bound to run into the glittering slot machines. Many slot machines and video games feature the so-called progressive jackpot. Quite expectedly, every slot machine enthusiast hopes to win a progressive jackpot slot as the jackpot increases for every play on any connected machine.

The Grand Prix-themed slot machine, which turned Mr. Huynh into a multi-millionaire is a progressive jackpot slot machine. As it can be recalled, the slot machines have been engulfed in flames for a long time as many people told their stories about denied slot machines winnings and rigged gambling devices.