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Calgary CA$65,000,000 Winner Would Forever Be Bonded with Other Lottery Millionaires

Lottery jackpots have mad life much more exciting for many Canadians over the past few weeks, as Lotto MAX’ Main prize has been growing at a steady pace. Its most recent draw came with a jackpot reaching CA$65 million, eyed my millions.

As Western Canada Lottery Corporation confirmed, a single lottery ticket purchased in Calgary claimed the stellar prize. Now the lucky player has 52 weeks to claim their prize and make the best of the situation.

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are the two most popular lottery offerings across the Canadian provinces, boasting two regular weekly draws each. The larger Main prize is associated with even higher interest in ticket purchasing, therefore swelling the jackpot even further. At the end of the day, the most recent Lotto MAX draw came with a Main prize of CA$65 million, as well as eight CA$1 Million MAXMILLIONS.

Lotto MAX Jackpot Reached CA$65M

This mean that everybody knew somebody that had already purchased a lottery ticket and was patiently waiting for the Lotto MAX draw. And their patience was rewarded, as someone in Calgary was especially lucky to bag the entire pot.

This jackpot would be remembered as the largest lottery win in Canada, as well as a record sum for the Alberta province. The lucky ticket matched perfectly the numbers drawn – 20, 31, 35, 36, 39, 42, and 44, which were enough for the Main prize.

It could be recalled that this May saw Lotto MAX’ cap being increased to CA$70 million, meaning that the jackpot had the chance to reach its limit. However, this did not happen, making life much easier for one particular lottery enthusiast. Lottery winners have a special connection to fellow fortunate individuals.

June 11 saw a Montreal family claim another CA$65-million Lotto MAX jackpot, once again dubbed as the largest lottery cash payout in Canadian history. Winners rarely have a complete understanding of the possibilities arising with such a fortune, which calls for an extensive research on personal finance and the management of a fortune of this magnitude.

Lotto 6/49 on the Rise Too

Projections are that the Calgary individual eligible for the cash payout would take their time before they approach the situation by contacting the lottery corporation. This is when their identity would be revealed. Meanwhile, Lotto 6/49 continues its quest to reach its own limit. Its most recent weekly draw came with a Main prize amounting to CA$21.8 million.

Unfortunately, not a single ticket was able to match the drawn numbers and claim the prize. One of the additional prizes estimating to CA$1 million was claimed by a single ticket sold on Quebec. October 9 would bring the next opportunity of winning big, as the next regular draw is set to take place. More and more people purchase Lotto 6/49 tickets and the jackpot would amount to approximately CA$25 million.

One lottery prize is about to fizzle out in less than two weeks. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently warned that October 21 would bring the deadline for a CA$250,000 Lotto MAX MAXMILLIONS slice. The remaining three quarters have already been bagged, but an Ottawa individual has to yet receive their cash windfall.