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Lottery Winner Proves Lightning Strikes Twice and Thrice with Her Banco Jackpot

Lottery jackpots continue their quest to change the lives of as many Canadians as possible, a task that has given results as per usual. Loto-Quebec reported a Monteregienne player that has bagged her third ever lottery jackpot, this time thanks to a Banco ticket purchase.

Jeannine L’Esperance Drolet recently bagged her grand prize of CA$25,000 and she is ready for the next chapter of her life. Many people have extraordinary luck in their life and especially when it comes to games of chance that might seem risky.

Regular lottery draws have the potential to alter the direction of one’s life, but it is rare that lightning strikes twice. In Mrs. Drolet’s case, the lightning managed to strike three times, as this latest prize is her third lottery cash prize. The lottery corporation did not reveal more details around her previous two jackpots.

Lottery Jackpots Galore

The lottery enthusiast from Monteregienne made the life-changing ticket purchase at the Roussillon bowling alley in Saint-Constant. According to the regulations, the retail location of a winning ticket received a percent of the cash prize, which further motivates the location to welcome more customers on a day-to-day basis.

The winning ticket cost some CA$1 proving that lottery purchases are more affordable than ever. Another Quebec player recently became CA$1-million richer thanks to Quebec Max’ local appeal. Régis Gérard Hervé, a resident of the Capitale-Nationale is the most recent lottery millionaire that has bagged a hefty jackpot thanks to the signature local game.

He made the winning purchase on Friday 13th, which ultimately brought him good luck but at first, he found it hard to grasp the whole idea.

Upon validating the tickets purchased earlier that day, he thought that the prize amounts to CA$1,000. The cashier invited the lottery enthusiast to take a closer look until he realized that it is, in fact, a CA$1,000,000 jackpot pile he is eligible for. Now that the major jackpot is already in his hands, Mr. Gerard is ready for the life changes.

Winners Make their Plans

Some of his plans for the foreseeable future include a complete home renovation, a brand new car, as well as a cruise to an exotic destination. While people are bagging their jackpots, beloved lottery offerings continue swelling without Main prize winners to match all numbers needed. This Friday would come with a jackpot reaching CA$55 million, as well as four CA$1 Million MAXMILLIONS for the additional enthusiasts.

The cap of this lottery offering reaches CA$70 million. Moreover, this Saturday is scheduled to bring a CA$14 million Lotto 6/49 Main prize, in addition to a single CA$1 Million Prize. Players from near and far have the opportunity to bag their tickets ahead of the anticipated draw and make a wish. Instant tickets are also gaining popularity, as British Columbia Lottery Corporation unveiled a new CA$10 Scratch and Win ticket called Roam.

It would appeal lottery enthusiasts dreaming of a wild adventure and traveling around the globe and top locations to the likes of the Greek islands, Iceland during the summer solstice, the exciting tribes of Kenya, or the whole new world of Fogo Island. The top prize coming with each exotic location amounts to CA$50,000 for the luckiest players.