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Canadian Lottery Players Win Big but Not All Jackpot Stories Have Happy Ending

The past few days have been extra generous to players from across the country that had purchased a lucky lottery ticket ahead of the latest draw, one of them is Ryan Dodd of London who recently bagged his CA$2,500,000 thanks to the Instant Multi Millionaire scratch game-changing his life.

The 26-year-old bartender made a winning purchase that makes him the latest lottery millionaire of Canada. Both instant lottery offerings and the renowned games coming with several weekly draws enjoy quite the popularity over the past months, as their prizes grow bigger and better, eventually attracting a crowd.

The scratch ticket Mr. Dodd purchased has the capacity to change his life for the better but the original choice of whether to buy it or not is his and his own. A simple decision could change the direction of one’s entire life, as the London bartender could confirm.

Instant Lottery Cash

He went to Wilkins Street Mac in London to buy his scratch ticket only to find out in an instant that he would soon be a multimillionaire. All he had to do is contact Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claim his prize within the following 52 weeks.

His plans for the foreseeable future include tons of traveling and new memories that would fit in his bartender lifestyle. Another instant lottery offering made a Yellowknife resident richer than before. Zing tickets mark growing popularity among Canadians, as Thomas Desjarlais made the most important ticket purchase in his life.

After spending only CA$5 on this instant ticket, Mr. Desjarlais received the chance to spin the wheel in Alberta. This ticket offers more chances of winning, introducing the game to the real world. As a result of his spin of the wheel, he became eligible for CA$275,000.

However, this was also his second grand win over the course of half a month. The month of August saw him bag CA$10,000, as well as another CA$10,000, marking a winning streak for the lottery enthusiast.

Mysterious Lotto Winner Death Stirs the Pot

La Poule aux Oeufs d’Or is another opportunity for winning big that grants players with hefty sums on a regular basis. André Dionne and Nicole Caron won respectively CA$13,000 and CA$11,000 during the most recent TV show that makes people richer. Both of them are residents of Drummondville, already planning their brighter future thanks to the cash.

As it often happens, life tends to be an unpredictable journey with ups and downs and a rollercoaster of emotions. Michael Gebru of Ontario was known as the winner of a CA$10.7-million Lotto MAX Main prize that he bagged in December 2017. Mr. Gebru was found dead recently in his home country Ethiopia. Since the grand win nearly two years ago, he has made numerous trips between Ethiopia and Canada, in order to learn more about his homeland and help people with his lottery fortune.

His most recent trip there ended with his mysterious death, the circumstances around which remain unknown and subject to thorough investigation. Mr. Gebru’s family thinks that their relative was killed, as this is what they have heard. His name and face were well-known both in Toronto and in his hometown.