Klarna Casinos


When searching for payment methods to use across global online casinos, keep in mind one excellent online payment processor, Klarna. This is a solution that gives users the chance to make easy and convenient transactions, thanks to its intermediary service. It connects you, your bank and your online casino in the smoothest way, making your transactions as easy as they get. Transactions with it are completed in the most prompt and secure way possible, so if interested in using it, make sure you stay with us as we’ll guide you through all the details you need to know about it. Why choose Klarna as your payment method across Canadian online casinos?

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About Klarna

Launched by a FinTech company from Sweden in 2005, Klarna is a Stockholm-based online payment processor that takes on the role of an intermediary between users, their banks and the eCommerce sites they want to pay at or purchase something from. It was launched at times when users needed it the most, as it offered them a service that enabled them to make the most effortless transactions over the internet.

Considering it exists for almost two decades, it has evolved immensely over the years, and as technology improved, so did the service it offers. A decade ago, it partnered with SOFORT, another excellent solution, and formed the Klarna Group. But its mission remained as firm and relevant as before, which is facilitating the way people pay online, making their transactions the smoothest possible.

Almost two decades in and today, the solution is a leading global online payment processing service, providing its smart online banking solutions across 17 countries, to over 90 million active users and more than 250,000 eCommerce sites. It gives users the chance to make direct payments from and to their bank accounts, without putting any effort. The entire experience with it is smooth, basically, a one-click procedure and that’s why the solution is backed up by investors and partners like Atomico, VISA, Bestseller Group, Silver Lake, Premira, Sequoia Capita and Dragoneer, among others. With such a powerful background and backup partners, it is no surprise the solution processes over 2 million transactions a day and the company behind it has over 4,000 employees to attend to users’ needs.

On that note, we must mention that its user base is varied, consisting of users from many countries all across the world. Among the first countries that started offering its service were Norway, Finland and Denmark. But today, you’ll find it all over the globe, in Canada, too. We’ll go over all the accepted countries later, but for now, you should know that it is a service you could use as a Canadian.

It goes without saying, considering all that you’ve read so far about its international success, that the solution reached so many industries, including the online gambling industry. You will find it offered across hundreds of online casino sites, many of which are Canadian casinos you could join. So, if this sounds like a method you’d want to use to fund your online gambling time and cash out your winnings, continue reading to find out what you need to do to get started with it.

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionGiven the fact the solution partnered with SOFORT a decade ago, its already powerful services were further boosted when combined with the amazing products that were offered by SOFORT. When the two joined forces, their users immediately became eligible to use three excellent products, Instant Banking, which we’ll focus on, the Pay Later and the Split It.

The Pay Later is a product which allows you, as its name suggests, to pay for something now using the solution’s funds, and return the money later, in 14 to 30 days; you receive due date notifications from the solution. The Split It is a similar solution, which is a loan-like product, mostly used for shopping purposes; when you’d like to buy something with a price that is over what you can afford at the moment, you can do it with this solution, and pay back gradually, in installments, later.

As said, the Instant Banking product is mostly used across online casinos, so let’s explore it in detail. This is the product that was at SOFORT’s core, which provides a third-party service, allowing you to make a deposit at an online casino directly from your bank account, without ever having to share your banking details with the operator. The background process is taken care of by Klarna itself, making sure your transactions are processed in the safest and most secure way. Once the money has successfully reached your online casino balance, you will be notified.

So, if you’re ready, let’s check out how the actual depositing and withdrawing processes would go; that way you’ll know exactly what to do when you join an online casino that accepts the solution.

Depositing and Withdrawing

We mentioned that Klarna is an option for you to use as a Canadian player, so by default, you can rest assured that you will find it offered across numerous Canadian online casinos. Some options to explore, reviewed here on our site, are Winota Casino, iLucki, Spinpirate, and Koi Casino, to name a few. You’ll certainly find plenty of others to check out, as well, so make sure you find your winner and create an account with it.

To make a deposit with Klarna, go through the following steps:

  1. Head over to your chosen casino’s Payment Methods/Banking page.
  2. Locate Klarna’s logo (or SOFORT by Klarna for that matter) and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, select your bank from the participating banks that offer the solution.
  4. Use your credentials to get access to your online banking profile.
  5. Specify how much you’d like to deposit and in an instant, the money will arrive on your balance.

The best part is, not only can you make seamless deposits with it, but Klarna is also an option for withdrawals. You’d need to go through the same procedure as just described, only this time, specifying how much you’d like to cash out from your balance and get transferred to your bank account.

The casino will take its time to check your request, making sure you have cleared any wagering requirements for any bonus you may have claimed, and as soon as it approves it, which can be in two to three business days, the money will reach your bank account.

Applicable Fees

We cannot sugarcoat the fact that, even though quite cost-efficient, the solution comes with fees. These fees depend on many factors.

The fee charged will depend on your country of residence, and any specific policies in the country for bank transfers. It will also depend on the service you’re using from the ones offered. So, the best thing to do is to visit its website and check out which fees would be involved for the services you’re using from Canada.

Accepted Currencies

Since this is a global solution, it goes without saying that it supports many currencies you could use, and of course, the Canadian dollar is an option.

The solution also processes transactions in currencies like Australian dollars, euros, US dollars, Swiss francs, Swedish krone, of course, and Norwegian and Danish krone, to mention a few.


Even though it started catering to Swedish users only at first, Klarna, as said, expanded its reach and is available all over the globe today, Canada included.

Among other countries that have access to its services, we can mention the UK, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and the US.

Australia, France, Poland, Italy and Spain are also countries that offer it. As you can see, the solution went overseas and is offered literally in all parts of the world; you, as a Canadian player, are in the clear and can use its services whenever you want to.

Customer Support

Being such a widespread solution with a massive user base, naturally, Klarna offers world-class Support Service. There’s an entire Help page, where you could thoroughly explore the Account & Settings, Refunds, Delivery & Returns, Payments, Fraud & Security and Products & Services categories, to find answers to any questions you may have. On the same page, you’ll see the Customer Support section, where you could chat with its agents via the 24/7 Live Chat option, or call them via any of the three available phone lines from Monday to Saturday from 9 am until 6 pm.

It goes without saying that in case you have issues with the depositing/withdrawing steps or something unclear about them, you can always turn to your chosen casino’s Support team. You should be able to reach them via phone and Live Chat, too, but also via social media. Casino Support teams are there to serve players and assist them with anything, so make sure you contact them, as well.


As a Canadian online casino player, you have all the reasons to try out Klarna as soon as possible. Not only is it available in Canada and supports Canadian dollars, but it is quite cost-efficient and convenient to use for both deposits and withdrawals. It is easy to start with and use across numerous online casinos, many of which are reviewed here on our site, so make sure you choose it as your payment method the next time you want to enjoy your favourite online casino games, to see how exceptional the service it offers is.


Can I explore its website in French?

Yes, indeed, you can. When you open its official website with a Canadian IP address, the website will be launched in Canadian English, but you’ll see a button in the right top corner of the screen, next to the Sign-Up button, which reads Français. Press it and the site will appear in French.

How can I be certain the solution is safe to use across Canadian online casinos?

Klarna is a legit payment method, authorized both by the Swedish Supervisory Authority and the UK FCA, which are rigorous regulators; plus, it uses SSL encryption to encode all data transfer between you, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your money is completely safe with it.

Does the solution offer an app I could download?

Yes, indeed, it does. The apps are free, and you can download them from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install them on any of your iOS or Android-powered tablets or smartphones.

Are transactions with it reversible?

Sure. Since this is a solution that works with banks, you can rest assured that you could get a reversal or a refund once you requested it, regardless of the status of the transaction. If the transaction was already received by the casino, the processing times will be at the casino’s sole discretion, but the money should arrive back in your bank account within 5 to 7 business days.

How many transactions can I make with it, are there any limits?

No, not really. Klarna won’t limit the number of transactions you make with it if your credit history is clear. But, if you have some debt or unpaid orders, the company might impose some limits, to protect itself. So, if that happens to you, make sure you contact its Customer Support agents to check whether there’s anything you can do about it or not.