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Two Days Left Until Lotto MAX Windfall Expires

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently warned lottery fans that there is an unclaimed large prize still anticipating its winner after nearly a year. January 7 is about to bring the deadline for claiming a CA$10,000 prize coming with a Lotto MAX ticket sold a year ago. Whoever is in possession of the ticket has a couple of days to claim their prize.

There are many reasons why an individual could refrain from collecting their lottery prize once they have become eligible for it. They might have misplaced their ticket, or simply forgotten about purchasing it in the first place. There are thousands of similar stories of players missing the deadline for claiming their prize because something was in their way.

Ontario Player Sought

Other people come to the conclusion that they are unprepared for the grand windfall and the impact it will inevitably have on their life. They prefer to keep it unchanged and miss the deadline. Each winner has exactly 52 weeks to claim their prize coming with any lottery ticket – both draw-based and instant lottery ones.

Whoever is in possession of the winning Lotto MAX ticket has also had 12 months to claim their prize. It is an Encore prize amounting to CA$10,000 and the ticket in question became eligible for it on January 7, 2020. This means that whoever is in possession of this lucky piece of paper branded with the Lotto MAX logo has only a couple of days to claim their prize and see their life change in an instant.

The ticket itself comes with the winning numbers written on it. A year ago, those were 2-3-6-5-6-3-6 and individuals should check their Lotto MAX tickets as soon as possible. The ticket itself was purchased in Collingwood ahead of the regular Lotto MAX draw at the time. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation also has several pieces of advice for the potential winner out there.

January 7

The individual in possession of the winning ticket should fill in the back portion of the lucky piece of paper. Once this is done, they should place their signature on it and immediately call the Crown corporation. They should call the OLG Support Center at t 1-800-387-0098 and claim their prize before January 7 comes. Someone in Collingwood would have their life changed for good.

Lotto MAX is among the popular draw-based lottery offerings on a national scale, as it is able to bring a substantial windfall with every weekly draw. It could be recalled that a player hailing from Quebec was among the last millionaires to bag their prize in a timely manner last year. Linda Phillips was eligible for a Main prize of great magnitude and she had no idea this is the case.

The CA$55-milllion Main prize coming with the regular October 30 Lotto MAX draw remained unclaimed for more than a month, before Ms. Phillips remembered to check her ticket. Meanwhile, Loto-Québec was searching for the winner hesitating to bag their prize. The winning ticket was sold at IGA Famille Charles Cantley north of Gatineau.