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Manitoba Lotto Fans Have to Hold on to their Tickets

Manitoba lottery fans will have to adjust to some changes in the upcoming weeks due to a recent announcement coming from Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries and Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Lottery terminals across the province were suspended on November 20, as they are considered non-essential products. Scratch tickets will also no longer be sold by retailers.

The dynamic situation on a national scale, as well as on provincial has introduced many changes over the past few weeks, but it has also changed the landscape ever since this spring. Brick-and-mortar venues have been closed for business and reopened once again in Manitoba. Now lottery offerings will have to suspend their in-person sale, as the government seeks to protect all residents.

Non-Essential Business

Lottery products are now considered a non-essential business, meaning that it had to hit pause on its daily sales and operation. The two gaming leaders in Manitoba made it clear that individuals interested in winning big via lottery gaming will no longer be able to purchase all kinds of lottery tickets in person. This includes both draw-based games, Sport Select tickets, and Scratch ‘N Win ones.

The provincial government has issued its health recommendations and lottery gaming was among the businesses affected by the current state of affairs. Lottery fans will also no longer be allowed to validate their winning lottery tickets at the retail locations. The terminals used for that were also suspended on Friday and they will remain switched off until further notice.

Individuals willing to purchase these gaming offerings and validate their tickets will get the chance to do so in some locations in northern Manitoba. The popular draw-based gaming offerings that will no longer be sold in-person are Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Daily Grand, Western 6/49, Western Max, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Extra, Keno, and Poker Lotto / All In. The two gaming corporations reminded that there are other gaming opportunities.

No In-Person Lottery Gaming

Lottery fans should not lose hope if lottery gaming brings a special tingling in their heart, as there are alternative ways they can lay their hands on the coveted tickets. There is the subscription service offered by Western Canada Lottery Corporation which could supply them with more chances of winning big on a regular basis. There is also the premium online platform of the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries. is the place to be when it comes to online gambling and lottery ticket purchases. The spring months of this year highlighted all the benefits it could bring, as well as its convenient nature. What should be pointed out is that some of the winning lottery tickets will have to be kept safe for the time being, as individuals are not allowed to validate them in-person.

Once the suspension has been lifted, players will have the chance to claim their prizes at the retail locations. As for the larger cash prizes coming with these tickets, players will be allowed to claim them by mail, as the Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s Prize Payout Office in Winnipeg is closed.