Industry Reports

WCLC Stays Competitive with HPE GreenLake

Western Canada Lottery Corporation recently announced that it has chosen Hewlett Packard Enterprise GreenLake solution in order to optimize and modernize its operation in the upcoming months and years. Digital modernization is the leading effort at the moment, as this would aim to optimize costs, as well as better performance of the lottery leader down the road.

The Crown corporation oversees gaming in regions to the likes of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Over the past four months of lockdown, the lottery and gaming leader has noticed the need for improved online gaming offerings and a reliable platform that could attract and keep players for longer. This is one of the reasons why Hewlett Packard Enterprise was chosen.

Modernization In Progress

It is time for the next phase of Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s operation, as it aims to modernize its operation and make it a more optimized one. This, in turn, is expected to draw more individuals to it and keep them engaged in online gaming for longer. Transforming its IT environment and enhancing it with new features will be essential for its future operation.

This is why the Crown corporation wanted to introduce innovation with the professional solution coming from the leading IT company with decades of experience. The carefully chosen product will aim to live up to the expectations and meet all requirements and challenges the future holds. Western Canada Lottery Corporation decided it is time to improve its IT infrastructure and update it, so it remains as competitive as possible.

The HPE GreenLake IT solution will aim to optimize daily operation, managing HR resources, as well as finance teams. Customers’ information will also be proficiently managed by the management solution. Soon after its implementation, it succeeded in optimizing existing procurement processes which would ultimately result in a more time-efficient work process.

New Solutions

Nicholas Douville, Director of Infrastructure and Operations of Western Canada Lottery Corporation, stated that the implementation of this new technology is expected to change the way the lottery leader conducts its daily operation. As a result of the new collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprises, the Crown corporation will be able to pay fairly for the services used, while also preserving its flexibility.

Projections are that the new IT solution will be able to pinpoint the right platform for the preferred workload, ultimately making the process a more efficient one and focusing all efforts in the right direction. Cost-effectiveness will also be improved as a result. Western Canada Lottery Corporation recently revealed more financial information regarding the past months of gaming operation. During the time slot between April 1 and mid-July, instant lottery ticket sales in Saskatchewan have surged.

The increase of 44 percent managed to offset the lack of in-person gaming across the Canadian provinces where gaming and lottery offerings are overseen by the Crown corporation. In the meantime, there was a 96-percent drop in the Sport Select daily operation due to the many canceled or postponed sports tournaments around the globe.