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WCLC Enthusiasts Obsess over Groundbreaking CA$500K Scratch Ticket

Western Canadian Lottery Corporation is on the constant pursuit of bringing only the most exciting lottery offerings to its players. Pollard Banknote Limited acknowledges excellent performance when such is evident, which led to the recent appraisal of one of the scratch ticket offerings – THE BIG $PIN.

The colorful ticket is able to attract the attention of more players than ever, as it was first sold on March 4 this year. Players are always looking for the new and better lottery offering that has the potential to make them richer in no time.

The more colorful and detail-attentive a ticket is, the better chances players have of noticing it and purchasing it in hopes of winning big. Pollard Banknote is known for collaborating the Canadian provincial corporations and with the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation for decades now and it has specialized in the most advanced scratch ticket perks.

Lottery Game Marks Stellar Performance

The performance of this particular lottery ticket has been impressive for the relatively limited time it has been up for grabs. It has shown performance surpassing other CA$5 scratch lottery games by 400 percent. Such a feat ranks THE BIG $PIN as the top lottery game offered by Western Canadian Lottery Corporation in the last decade.

Furthermore, another line of comparison could be made when it comes to all lottery sales in the past six years. The brand new scratch game performs best among its rivals, meaning that Canadians across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut enjoy the offering on a regular basis.

Thanks to its low price range, it is an accessible offering that could guarantee up to CA$500,000 in cash winnings. What makes it unique for the market is the interactive nature it has. Individuals purchasing the CA$5 ticket have the chance to bag an instant cash prize, but that is now all. Every once in a wheel a ticket features the phrase SPIN WIN that opens a world of possibilities for the fortunate player.

THE BIG $PIN Could Get Players on TV

The special phrase makes it possible for the player to level up and take the game action to a local WCLC retail point. Upon presenting the scratch ticket, they have the chance to watch a special wheel spin on the Lottery terminals available on site. This could guarantee them a cash prize ranging from CA$10 to CA$10,000. They could also win the opportunity to attend a live BIG $PIN event.

It is all televised and players could bring their friends and family for support. The wheel spin they could result in a guaranteed cash prize ranging anywhere between CA$100,000 and CA$500,000. Pollard Banknote was excited to praise the lottery offering as a revolutionary one that involves several channels of participation. Engagement diversity related to THE BIG $PIN means that the player does not experience a three-minute rush of excitement only.

It could be extended in time with even better opportunities for cash winnings down the road. The printing lottery supplier Pollard Banknote is excited to continue operation with the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation and the five provincial lottery corporations. Mid-April it announced the official inking of a 5-year contract extension of its Instant Printing Services Agreement.