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BC Lottery Corporation Inks 10-Year Extension to Pollard Banknote Contract

Collaboration in the gaming sector should be an ongoing quest to excellence, especially when it comes to British Columbia and the lottery offerings available in the region. Pollard Banknote Ltd. recently announced its partnership with British Columbia Lottery Corporation would continue in the following ten years, as the contract has been extended. This would make it possible for the companies to work together until December 31, 2028.

When working together has brought amazing results such as those in the lottery sector of British Columbia, it only makes sense to continue it. The extension that came into effect on February 1 is going to see the existing arrangement for collaboration extended for the following decade. With this move, the two companies continue their partnership that has been in progress for the past more than 30 years and has been providing the local lottery field with a wide variety of instant lottery tickets.

Lottery Partnership Continues

Over the span of the past three decades and more, the two gaming entities have collaborated in order to provide their customers with a premium lottery experience and diverse gaming potential. Pollard Banknote has ensured that signature gaming offerings aiming to attract a wider spectrum of gaming enthusiasts are available in British Columbia.

The positive impact of this collaboration is evident by the upward direction of development and the overall 33-percent jump in the instant ticket sales that has been observed in the past five years. People are drawn to the instant nature of said tickets, because they are able to find out whether they win or not in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting until the next draw.

This is one of the signature features of the modern lottery player and their relationship to offerings available. People want to have the information about their winning in an instant and even though traditional lottery games with numbers and the thrill of seeing them being drawn are still widely popular and featuring grand jackpots, people still reach for the instant tickets.

British Columbians Enjoy Instant Lottery for Its Speed

British Columbia players have long enjoyed premium offerings to the likes of Scratch FX®, Jumbo Pop n’ Play™, PlayBook® Mini, pouched games, and other pieces of the diverse gaming portfolio that Pollard Banknote has up for grabs. This explains the raging interest expressed throughout recent years. At the moment the two entities are collaborating on a brand new offering that is projected to elevate the experience even higher and draw more people.

It is going to feature the popular crossword theme that has taken over the instant lottery field and now BCLC wants to step up its game. Apart from featuring the paper instant ticket, this Crossword offering is also going to come with a virtual next level of gaming that would be seamlessly integrated. Once the player has scratched the purchased ticket they could enter the digital realm and continue playing for more chances of winning big.

Pollard Banknote has also recently issued the information that the company is working on a brand new offering that would be available worldwide in time for the holiday season. Over the span of the following months the gaming provider is planning on working with Warner Bros. Consumer Products in order to bring to life the holiday movie A Christmas Story with a new lottery game.