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Pollard Banknote Revives Beloved Christmas Classic in Time for the Holidays

Combining beloved classics and gaming potential has proven to be a match made in heaven, which is an approach Pollard Banknote Limited has been eyeing for quite a while. Its latest announcement makes it clear that the lottery provider is going to work in close collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products in order to introduce a brand new lottery gaming offering transforming the holiday movie A Christmas Story.

Work on the new lottery games that would be added to the extensive portfolio of Pollard Banknote begins just in time, as it will give the company enough time to work on the premium offering. When putting efforts into a beloved childhood memory for millions of people around the world such as the 1983 movie, the responsibility is something to be reckoned with. It is no secret that the classic movie is associated with the holiday season and festivities.

A Christmas Story Enters Global Lottery Field

In addition to its well-known popularity across the season of giving, December is usually a month in which many people make their first steps in lottery and games of chance. The symbiosis between the two elements is what could make this collaboration a successful one down the road. The gaming company is going to work on its offerings that would be compatible with any lottery willing to introduce the Christmas classic to its customers.

The lottery tickets bearing the holiday theme will aim to attract as many eyeballs as possible, which is a task that involves designing and making them appealing to customers. The programming and printing will also be on Pollard Banknote’s agenda while work on the tickets is still in progress. It should be noted that players would have the chance to enjoy other added perks to the lottery action.

They will have the chance to make good use of second chance draws, that are often times essential. A point-of-sale program is also going to be detailed by the lottery provider, as it facilitates future operation. Since the Christmas iconic movie is a trademark, the marketing campaign surrounding this new lottery offering is expected to match it as well. As many as 60 lotteries around the globe will have the chance to enjoy the special tickets.

Recent Expansion Reaches Connecticut

With its global influence, the lottery provider is expected to bring A Christmas Story lottery action to as many people as possible. This latest move follows a line of expansion and exploring new opportunities that has been in progress for quite a while. February brought the news that the Toronto-based lottery supplier is going to team up with Connecticut Lottery Corporation that would make reality a brand new loyalty program facing players.

The contract for operation would cover the next three years of operation, elevating both offerings and performance. Pollard Banknote’s signature PlayOn feature is also going to be introduced to players based in Connecticut, diversifying their experience and making it an easier one with the brand new mobile app. It would allow ticket scanning for points accumulation, as well as other features, such as locating the nearest retail location or offering information about progressive jackpots.