Industry Reports

WCLC Pays Out Smaller Lottery Prizes via Bank Deposits

Western Canada Lottery Corporation reported some of the lottery enthusiasts willing to make a winning purchase at the moment are deprived of the chance to do so. Some retailers across the provinces united by the Crown corporation have decided to shut down lottery products sale indefinitely, in an attempt to protect seniors and individuals from failing to practice social distancing.

Online gaming and practicing social distancing go hand in hand at the moment, allowing players to explore the vast array of opportunities there are for winning big and trying their luck. Kevin van Egdom, communications director with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, recently pointed out that in-person wagering opportunities have been limited in some retail locations and bigger retailer chains.

Social Distancing

Players seeking a chance to purchase a lottery ticket for the upcoming generous Lotto MAX draw have reported difficulties doing so. The upcoming draw of the popular draw-based lottery offering is about to once again feature a Main prize amounting to CA$70 million. In addition to that, this draw is about to bring a total of 20 additional MAXMILLIONS prizes of CA$1 million each.

The attractive offerings coming with the April 7 draw appear to be unavailable for some players seeking the most time-efficient way of purchasing. Some retailers based in Alberta have decided to cease the offering of lottery products in all shapes and sizes. This includes both the draw-based offerings and the instant lottery tickets that are also among the most popular lottery products out there. Mr. Egdom pointed out that players have reported some difficulties.

They cannot purchase tickets, but also they find it impossible to cash in their winning tickets and receive their larger lottery prizes. For safety reasons, retail locations rarely keep more than CA$2,000 in the store while working with customers. This is the reason why many of them would not be able to payout larger lottery prizes. Most of the retailers are expected to continue their regular operation.

Changes in Lottery Gaming

Another reason why many locations refuse to redeem winning tickets is the fact that cash is not a preferred payment method at the moment. The situation over the past couple of weeks, as well as in the foreseeable future has made it clear that card payments are a safer and more convenient method that should be utilized by Alberta players, as well as Canadians in general. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation recommends patience.

Players that have found out they are lottery winners should keep their ticket and seek for a retailer that would have the capacity to pay it out. The other possible approach would be to wait for the unprecedented situation to be over. Online gaming has witnessed an increase, as it was recently reported. Players register for online games and lottery purchases as well. Advance Play is one of the tickets experiencing a surge in sales.

It guarantees players would get 25 consecutive draws filled with chances of winning big cash prize with the purchase of only one ticket. This also allows them to practice efficient social distancing and be subscribed to lottery draws without leaving their home. The Crown corporation also makes bank deposits and mails cheques for some prizes reaching CA$50.