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Lotto 6/49 Continues Winning Streak with CA$7M Ready to go to Gatineau

Lottery gaming is known for being among the popular offerings that are able to attract a large crowd during every weekly draw. Lotto 6/49 is among the generous games that recently saw yet another jackpot being claimed by an Ontario player.

This Wednesday was an especially fortunate one for a player from Gatineau that is now eligible for a cash prize of CA$7 million. When it comes to lottery winnings, the past few weeks have been especially fortunate for many individuals participating religiously in lottery games.

It is no secret that lottery is considered being a safer alternative to traditional gambling at casino venues, which is why many people find the way to visit many of the retail locations sprinkled across Canada. The affordable price is also another selling point for the special tickets that could make someone a multimillionaire.

Jackpots Galore Await their Winners

Just like the Wednesday before that, this week saw a winning Lotto 6/49 draw and at this point, even the relatively smaller jackpot found its winner. This week brought a CA$7-million jackpot awaiting to meet the ticket eligible for it, as well as its purchaser.

As it turned out, the numbers drawn matched a particular one sold in Gatineau prior to this Wednesday. The numbers drawn were 7, 15, 22, 28, 43, 49, as well as the bonus one 45. The main six numbers are printed on a ticket that has been purchased in the National Capital Region earlier this week.

Just like in every other of the weekly draw, the winner of this one has as many as 52 weeks to bag their prize before the official expiry date. This means that the ticket is valid up until July 10, 2020, and if it remains unclaimed past that date, the CA$7 million would return to the lottery flow. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has a detailed database that made easy the pinpointing of the point of sale.

Lottery Makes Dreams Come True

This May was a special one for Lotto MAX, as it saw a milestone change to the way the lottery offering grants its prizes. It saw its cap being raised to CA$70 million, guaranteeing bigger cash prizes, as well as the addition of a second weekly draw that matches the two Lotto 6/49 weekly draws.

Odds were worsened by the introduction of a ball to the draw and officials have previously highlighted that this is something that players have wanted to see happening. Lotto 6/49 is among the generous ones, as the beginning of this month saw another large jackpot being claimed by a winning ticket.

July 3 brought a successful draw for a ticket purchaser from Ottawa. The lucky purchaser is now eligible for a windfall of CA$15.7 million and they also have less than 52 weeks to claim their cash prize and have their life changed.

It could also be recalled that June 15 came with a jackpot of CA$30 million and the lucky draw saw two tickets become instantly eligible for the cash prize. One of them brought CA$14.9 million to Lorne Nakonechny from Edmonton, whereas the other half was claimed by a couple from Sundre, Alberta.