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Beginner’s Luck Draws Second CA$70m Lotto MAX Main Prize to Quebec

Loto-Québec revealed the identity of Canada’s latest lottery millionaire after a couple of weeks in which it sought them. Shu Ping Li is the lottery enthusiast who became eligible for a cash payout of CA$70 million, which is also the maximum jackpot coming with the Lotto MAX popular gambling offering.

Lottery fans are often prone to purchasing lottery tickets on a frequent basis, some of them religiously buying those two times a week and looking forward to the next regular lottery draw. And there are the people experiencing first-hand beginner’s luck. Such is the case with the latest lottery winner claiming the grand prize coming with the Lotto MAX ticket. The Montreal winner revealed more about her experience.

Lotto MAX

The popular gaming offering in Canada brings two regular weekly draws and people from near and far and all provinces anticipate this moment. One Montrealer ended up winning big without even being prepared for it. The first days of October brought a new idea to Ms. Li, as she decided now it is the time to give her luck a try and purchase a Lotto MAX ticket for the very first time.

This is when she bought her ticket for the October 9 draw bringing a record CA$70-million Main prize. That draw in particular ended up attracting a large crowd of people seeking a chance to become richer. It often happens that large Main prizes invite individuals to make their first lottery ticket purchase. Ms. Li saw that an individual hailing from Ontario had won a substantial jackpot a couple of months ago.

She decided that this is a sign and she would like to celebrate a Main prize win one day too. This took place over the summer months, but back then she did not have the time to make the lottery ticket purchase. Regardless of this, she encouraged her friends to buy a Lotto MAX ticket themselves and to not miss the chance.

CA$70 Million

Mr. Li herself was able to lay her hands on one of those special tickets in the first days of October. In the evening, she made her way to the small store in the area, making her third trip there for the past 12 years. Upon revealing the reason why she was about to make her way there, her husband told her she did not support gambling.

She was planning on purchasing 10 lottery tickets and call it a night, seeking some diversity in her day-to-day life. On the following morning, she checked the numbers printed on her tickets and compared them to the ones drawn, but the ultimate confirmation of her win was made at the same convenience store.

According to the rules, that depanneur is now eligible for one percent of the overall payout. This amounts to some CA$700,000 in commission. The province of Quebec saw a Lotto MAX CA$70-Million prize for the first time back in February, when a family of eight from the Chaudières-Appalaches region also won the maximum prize.