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Construction Workers Retire after Becoming Lotto MAX Millionaires

Lottery jackpots have a way of changing people’s lives in a matter of minutes, the time it takes them to check all the numbers on their ticket and compare them with the ones on the screen. Such was the case of a team of construction workers who became eligible for a cash payout of CA$15 million with the purchase of a single winning Lotto MAX ticket.

When it comes to lottery tickets, they are quite popular across Canada and many individuals add them to their weekly purchases. There are two draws each week and this motivates people to keep on buying them and believing that one day the lucky piece of paper will make their dreams come true.

CA$15 Million

May 19 will forever be remembered by the construction workers as an important date in their lives, as this is when the Lotto MAX draw took place. As many as 12 individuals working on a construction site purchased a ticket ahead of that draw and their numbers were drawn on that special Tuesday. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that the winning ticket had been sold in the province.

Purchasing lottery tickets as a group is a common practice for many individuals, as this a way for friends and coworkers to bond and have one more thing to look forward together. This particular group comprises of three individuals hailing from Brampton, as well as another one from Mississauga. The total number of construction workers that will now share the CA$15,000,000 prize is 12 and each of them will bag some CA$1,250,000.

Rocco Coluccio hailing from Brampton was the individual who recently bagged the prize on behalf of the winning group. He was the one who purchased the lucky piece of paper, so it only made sense that he collected it from the OLG Prize Center several months later. Each of the winners received the good news as soon as they arrived on their construction site.

Lotto MAX

The winners hail from Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, as well as Stoney Creek. Six of the 12 winners had a decision in mind as soon as they learned the good news that they are millionaires. They retired right there and then, as they felt like they have done their job and are ready for a well-deserved break.

Now it is time for plans making and organization. One of the most common questions lottery winners receive is related to their future projects. The winners want to travel the world as soon as this is possible and safe. Moreover, they will also share their slice of the overall CA$15-million pie with their families and loved ones. Planning their retirement is also important for half of them.

The numbers drawn on May 19 this year were 22, 23, 24, 25, 37, 40, 49, as well as the bonus one 19. The Lotto MAX ticket purchased managed to match the seven main numbers and become eligible for the Main prize coming with the draw.