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Lotto MAX Highlights CA$60m Main Prize, 8 Maxmillions

Lotto MAX is still a topic of discussion across Canada, as its Main prize continues growing and swelling with each passing draw. September 4 brought the latest regular draw with a jackpot of CA$60 million up for grabs. Since there was no winning ticket for it, this week is projected to bring an even larger Main prize up for grabs.

When it comes to draw-based lottery offerings, Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 have always been among the preferred products combining a low price with the big chance of winning progressive jackpots. Lottery enthusiasts across the Canadian provinces fuel these Main prizes every week and they could swell all the way to CA$70 million if there are no winning tickets eligible for them.

Hefty Prizes Galore

Lotto MAX unveiled its brand new cap in the spring of 2019, making the maximum jackpot that could be won CA$70 million. Up until then, the maximum amounted to CA$65 million and this is particularly the amount players could bag this week. September 8 is projected to bring the upcoming Lotto MAX draw and potentially change someone’s life for good.

The estimated jackpot coming with this draw will amount to CA$65 million. This places it approximately one step away from the eventual cap reach. Such growth is projected to see this mark reached by the end of this week, as more individuals tend to purchase Lotto MAX tickets once the Main prize surpasses the CA$50-million line. More tickets purchased means more rapidly growing jackpot for the eventual winner who matches all needed numbers.

This is among the main motivations many individuals have to make lotto ticket purchases twice a week. The most recent Lotto MAX draw highlighted the numbers 07, 18, 22, 26, 35, 31, 50, as well as the bonus one 11. Not a single ticket became eligible for the Main prize by matching the main seven numbers.

Riveting Weeks Ahead

However, three tickets managed to match six of them plus the bonus one and this resulted in a cash payout of CA$245,723.10 for each of the purchasers. They have a total of 52 weeks to contact their Crown corporation and claim their prize in a timely manner before it expires for good. This draw also brought a total of seven Maxmillions prizes.

Each of those amounts to CA$1 million and three tickets are now eligible for CA$1-million payout each. While the Main prize survived, it will return once again this Tuesday only bigger. It will amount to CA$65 million and Crown corporations across Canada remind players to make their winning purchase right now. Each Lotto MAX ticket costs some CA$5 for its basic three-set type.

Players should also keep in mind that they can make ticket purchases for upcoming draws. They can play up to 52 draws in advance and never miss an opportunity of winning big and changing their life. Now all eyes are set on the upcoming draw and the riches coming with it. it will bring a total of eight Maxmillions coming with it.