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Loto-Québec Encourages Online Gaming with Hefty Promos

Loto-Québec wants to make the upcoming weeks even more exciting for online gaming enthusiasts exploring the premium online platform it oversees. This will happen with the special promotion which launched recently and promises five grand prizes amounting to CA$4,000 each. Top Instants is here to make the time spent online more generous.

The Crown corporation knows that the autumnal months equate to more time spent at home and respectively online. Now that brick-and-mortar gaming has been suspended indefinitely, even more individuals make their first step in the online gaming world and explore the products up for grabs. This is when the exciting online promotion come to change their lives for good and make the place to be.

Top Instants

November 23 saw the official greenlighting of the Top Instants promotion welcoming all Quebec online gambling fans. They will get the chance to explore everything it brings to the table up until December 13. What makes it an intriguing offering is the fact that players have to explore the instant gaming products available online.

Playing one of the instant games available will make it possible for them to enter this promotion and possibly win big as a result of it. These games are preferred by a large number of players, as they are colorful and with attractive themes. They also bring the instant gratification factor which many individuals tend to gravitate towards when it comes to online gambling. Players will get the chance to find out whether they win or not in a matter of seconds.

It also means that players could never get bored of the gaming sessions, as there are so many diverse instant gaming products available. They can explore everything in-store in the Instants section of and see for themselves which one stands out the most. This could make them richer, as there are five grand prizes coming with the online promotion.

December 13

The total amount of this online promotion’s prize pool reaches CA$20,000 making it one of the most lucrative offerings currently available in Quebec’s regulated online gaming space. Every dollar wagered on one of the instant gaming products will equate to one entry for the draw coming with the Top Instants promotion. Individuals interested will have to use a special promo code.

They have to enter the code JEUXIN4885 in their account on, in order to enter the promotion and benefit from it. When it comes to the games part of this promotion, there are some exceptions. Players would not be allowed to wager on online scratch games and quick-play games, as they are excluded from the Top Instants promotion. What should also be noted is that players should also have their own account on the gaming platform.

This is the only way they can participate in the online promotion, verifying that they are of legal age to gamble in-person and online. December 14 is about to see the random draw at the end of the Top Instants promotion, highlighting the five winners bagging CA$4,000.