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Loto-Québec Makes the Holidays Even More Riveting

Loto-Québec has once again put the effort into one special holiday collection of lottery products that will make this season of giving much more colorful and generous. The collection brings diverse scratch tickets that will surpass the expectations of many target groups of lottery fans and make them richer in a matter of seconds.

The Crown corporation is ready to make the upcoming weeks memorable with its diverse gaming offerings ready to be purchased over the holiday season and ahead of it. Many Quebec players purchase scratch tickets as gifts for their loved ones and for themselves, so the Christmas spirit will be amplified this year. Richesses des fêtes is one of the premium tickets available right now.

What’s in Store?

This ticket costs some CA$10 and its golden tones are expected to have a heartwarming effect on lottery fans. The grand prizes it brings to the table amounts to some CA$250,000. There are four of those ready to be snatched soon. In order to become eligible for one of those or some of the smaller cash payouts, players should scratch the ticket’s lucky symbols and numbers.

Along with those, they should also scratch their symbols and numbers and see if they match. In addition to the four large prizes, there are also three CA$25,000 ones, fifty CA$1,000 prizes and many more. There is also the Bonus game area which could bring lucky players CA$30 immediately if they uncover three identical symbols. Another rather popular scratch ticket offering is the Mots Cachés one in its holiday edition.

It elevates the traditional crossword game to a whole new level with four grand prizes amounting to CA$25,000 each. The ticket itself costs some CA$3, but with great payout chances. Players have to scratch their letters one at a time and then uncover the identical letters in the grid. Uncovering three to ten words in a single ticket results in a cash payout.

Hefty Prizes

Uncovering ten words results in a payout of CA$25,000 which is the maximum amount. Nine words bring a CA$1,000 prize, while eight ones would bring a CA$300 payout. If the winner uncovers a green word on their ticket, this doubles their eventual payout. There is also the Bonus game area which could bring a CA$20 prize as a second chance.

For the fans of bingo gaming, there is also a special holiday-themed ticket which costs CA$3. Bingo édition des fêtes allows players to scratch the caller’s cards printed on the ticket one by one. Each card should be followed by the scratching of the identical numbers on the bingo cards printed on top of the ticket. The payouts coming with this ticket are substantial once again, as there are two CA$25,000 awaiting their winner.

There are also fifty CA$1,000 prizes and many smaller ones. Players should also keep in mind that they could win a Bonus game prize amounting to CA$10 if they uncover a gift box symbol printed on their ticket.