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Loto-Québec Steps Up Social Media Presence

Loto-Québec is here to step up its online presence and become even more appealing to individuals exploring the vast world of Instagram. Its official account on the popular social platform recently launched its Reels action, aiming to enhance its presence and overall connection with the people of Quebec interested in gaming offerings.

Social media is crucial nowadays, as it offers an additional way of connecting with the people interested in a company or an idea. Daily posts make it easier for people to feel connected to everything happening around it, solidifying their bond and loyalty over time. Loto-Québec has its lotoquebec_officiel account and it recently commenced enhancing it in new ways with the help of Reels.

Instagram Account

It could be recalled that Instagram announced the introduction of Reels this August and enhanced the way individuals are able to connect with like-minded people and their followers. The new functionality allows users to create short videos on the platform and post them for everyone to enjoy. The video could last up to 15 seconds and be a multi-clip one.

The Instagram user has tons of tools with which they could enhance it, such as the adding of audio, various effects, as well as more creative tweaks. This makes the content much more entertaining and engaging, eventually increasing the popularity of the gaming leader in the online space. For Quebec’s gaming leader digital development has been key over the past half a year and putting more work into its Instagram presence makes sense.

The Crown corporation recently posted its first Reels on its Instagram account and it aims to give everyone a taste of what claiming one’s lottery jackpot feels like. The post aims to make it possible for more people to see everything from an entirely new perspective on their smartphone. Receiving one’s check for millions of Canadian dollars is always a thrilling and exciting experience changing people’s life for good.

Digital Presence

Mélissa Pigeon, Loto-Québec Social Media Strategist, pointed out that the Reels approach implementation was the way to go when it comes to prize claiming. Individuals interested in seeing the excitement of brand-new lotto millionaires get the chance to fully experience it with the help of the enhanced short video online. The unprecedented situation has taken its toll on the province and its gaming field.

This impacted that way lottery fans claim their lotto prizes, excluding all friends celebrating with them. Now the prize claim ceremony is a more simplified one but still enhanced with the help of the short video available online. Individuals engaging in the new content quickly increased over the first 48 hours of the posting of this new video, liking and commenting on the happiness of the winner.

Working on its online presence comes at a time when the Crown corporation pulled the plug on its in-person gaming operation. All of its brick-and-mortar casino venues and gambling halls had to close for business recently, following the health recommendations of the provincial government. VLTs and Kenzo gaming has also been suspended.