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Loto-Québec Greenlights the Season of Giving

Loto-Québec is ready for the season of giving to officially commence and it is no secret that this period comes with tons of gifts and generosity. The Crown corporation recently revealed its holiday lottery offering called Cadeau Surprise bringing the spirit of Christmas closer to all lottery fans in Quebec. It is part of the special Holiday Collection of diverse tickets.

The last days of December are known for the most wonderful time of the year, as they bring an overall feeling of joy and abundance. Many lottery and gaming enthusiasts make their first steps in the gaming world around this time of the year, believing their good luck is on their side. We are going to review all the riveting offerings available.

What’s Up For Grabs?

The Holiday Collection offered by Loto-Québec this year brings many unique tickets in the traditional Christmas colors – emerald green, red, golden, and white. One of the tickets that stand out in this group of products is the Advent Calendar one that is projected to attract a crowd of lottery fans. This CA$10 ticket could make players much richer in a matter of seconds.

The three grand prizes coming with it amount to CA$1,000, but players have to scratch all play areas by lifting each tab, just like a traditional advent calendar. There are also CA$750, CA$500, and CA$250 prizes, as well as thousands of smaller ones. Individuals should uncover three identical symbols under the pull tabs and win bonus prizes. Another riveting offering is the Cadeau Surprise ticket which is a holiday classic returning.

This scratch ticket costs some CA$2 but it brings as many as 13 gifts coming from 13 local companies ready to enhance our holiday season. This ticket supports local businesses in need of a helping hand in these trying times. The gifts up for grabs range from a hand blender, a cookware set, and an electric pressure cooker, to a CA$75 Baton Rouge gift card, CA$75 Sports Express gift card, and so many more.

Special Holiday Tickets

Players purchasing this ticket have to scratch the four game areas represented by Christmas tree ornaments and discover the gifts they are eligible for. The ticket itself is a scratch and sniff one, meaning that players could have a well-rounded Christmas experience while discovering their prizes.

The last ticket we are about to review today is the 7 Chanceux scratch ticket coming in three celebratory varieties. Each of those costs CA$1 but there are two grand prizes amounting to some CA$1,000 ready to be grabbed. Players have to scratch the entire game area of the ticket and uncover three identical prizes in order to win that payout. They can also alternatively uncover up to four Lucky 7 symbols.

In this case, they can win the corresponding prize as indicated in the legend printed on the tickets. Four Lucky 7 symbols immediately result in a cash payout of CA$7,777 and there are currently two of those special windfalls awaiting their winner.