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Lotto Millionaires Hesitate to Claim their Prizes

Loto-Québec is the Crown corporation offering various ways in which players could win big in a matter of seconds. Its lottery products are among the popular gambling offerings out there but there seem to be some people hesitating to collect their payouts. Six winning tickets have yet to be used for the claiming of several substantial lottery jackpots.

One of the tickets is eligible for a cash payout of CA$55 million which came with one of the recent Lotto MAX draws. Whoever is in possession of the lucky piece of paper has 52 weeks to verify their ticket and contact the Crown corporation, in order to claim it. The grand prize came with the October 30 draw of Lotto MAX.

Lotto MAX

Soon after the draw came to an end and the system identified there is a winning ticket, the good news was announced publicly. The winning ticket had been purchased in the Outaouais region ahead of the October 30 Lotto MAX draw. A single ticket became eligible for the Main prize of CA$55 million and it would not be divided.

However, regardless of the announcements, nobody has contacted Loto-Québec seeking to collect their prize. The individual or the group of lottery fans have less than a year now to grab the Main prize and become richer than ever before. Once the end of October 2021 comes, they will no longer be eligible for the Lotto MAX jackpot. The numbers drawn during this most recent Lotto MAX draw were 19, 20, 23, 31, 37, 46, and 48, as well as the bonus one 50.

The Crown corporation is also looking for five more winners sprinkled across the province of Quebec. Three of them are eligible for a cash payout of CA$1 million and the individuals have not claimed their prize weeks after they became eligible for it. They also have a year to collect their cash payouts.

Lotto 6/49

Loto-Québec also made it clear that there are two tickets eligible for smaller prizes that are also still waiting to make their purchasers richer. The lottery tickets are worth CA$500,000 and CA$200,000. The Crown corporation also clarified the regions where these tickets were purchased, so that individuals can check their drawers and purses for any misplaced tickets.

Those are Gatineau, the regional municipality of Thérèse-De Blainville, Laval, the borough of St-Hubert in Longueuil, and Quebec City. Individuals that have been lottery gaming for months are expected to stick to their tickets and validate them in the case they are eligible for a cash prize of any magnitude. The jackpots which have remained unclaimed for more than 52 weeks go back to the overall prize pool and fuel additional draws coming with Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49, and more.

November 18 was a special day for one Lotto 6/49 fan, as their ticket became eligible for the Main prize coming with that regular draw. It amounts to some CA$14,061,516.10 and the winner has 52 weeks to claim the prize. November 21 is projected to see a CA$5-million jackpot. Meanwhile, Lotto MAX is about to bring a CA$43 million Main prize on November 20.