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B.C. Players Bag Hefty Lotto 6/49, BC/49 Jackpots

Lotto 6/49 managed to once again change the life of a group of people looking forward to the happy day that will bring their lottery win. The Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster had a reason to celebrate as four of its workers recently became eligible for a cash payout of CA$6,000,000 thanks to a joint ticket they bought.

Participating in lottery gaming as a group is one of the fun things friends and coworkers could engage in on a regular basis. Some groups of friends religiously buy lottery tickets every week and they hope for the best by doing so. The four individuals commenced to purchase lottery tickets about twelve months ago and they did so regularly.

Lotto 6/49

The group wanted to be connected by yet another thing, which is the reason why they started buying lottery tickets together. October 31 was a special day for each and every one of them, as it brought the long-anticipated winning Lotto 6/49 draw. That day witnessed the lottery offering introduce a Main prize of CA$6 million and all eyes were set on it.

The numbers drawn during that regular Sunday draw were 05, 08, 18, 22, 41, 48, as well as the bonus one 23. The ticket purchased by the four coworkers managed to match the main six numbers coming with this draw, resulting in a grand payout for them. Heewon (Theresa) Choi was the team captain who purchased the joint ticket ahead of the regular draw.

This happened at a Shoppers Drug Mart. Once the draw was over, she was also the one who checked the numbers in case they matched the ones drawn. She was at work while doing so and she quickly told the good news to her coworkers. Ms. Choi could not believe her eyes upon finding out the truth and quickly showed the ticket to Melanie Nolan, one of the other winners.


Ms. Nolan at first thought that the prize the four of them were eligible for was CA$6,000 and this is when all the zeroes eventually sunk in. The two of them then told the good news to their coworkers, but at first, they thought it was some sort of a prank. Each of the lottery fans is now eligible for CA$1,500,000 of the overall Main prize.

Their plans for the foreseeable future are for a nice dinner together in celebration of their great luck. The Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is also about to see some donations made by the lottery winners. Another British Columbian also celebrated a win recently, after the purchase of a BC/49 ticket online. Brad Rowan bought his ticket on and this resulted in a cash payout of CA$2 million.

At first, he won CA$1 from a Daily Grand ticket and he decided to purchase a BC/49 ticket with the lucky dollar. It ended up drawing the Main prize coming with the October 28 draw to him. Mr. Rowan and his partner are ready for the final stages of buying their home, which will be facilitated by the recent jackpot.